Megaman exe Mvc3 comic style


Sup folks heres one of my most recent ps works. Was browsing google images and i came across alot of images of characters people wanted for mvc 3 and whom they edited to look like like the official character artwork from mvc3. It caught my attention so i gave it a go and for my first try i made one of megaman exe first image i picked from my collection.I know looks kinda crappy i didnt really know how to start it so i ended up with this. let me know what yall think of it.


that looks bad ass! :slight_smile:


Added two more :slight_smile:


2nd and 3rd pics work better than the first :slight_smile:
cool stuff.


i couldn’t find any hi res stocks of mvc megaman :expressionless: so i did my best to make it look good. appreciate the feed back


Second one looks AMAZING.


I love the colors on the 2nd and 3rd one. I would love to see MegaMan NT Warrior in Marvel vs. Capcom. Can you imagine his amazing movesets?! :smiley: