Megaman/Hulk is your pimp

As a bit of an experiment, I have been playing a lot of
Megaman/Hulk/AAA (usually Cyclops)

I think Hulk players ought to try this team on for size, it’s lots of fun. The strategy is to build a lot of meter at the outset using Megaman’s little blue shits. Keep doing it til you get five meters, then figure out a way to get Hulk in, either via a DHC combo, a counter or preferably a tag (hehe).

Then have fun gamma charge xx quakeing shit.
There’s more to it though.
Hulk rush with Megaman assist is tight… call Megaman and dashjump short is so good and hard to deal with. You generally don’t have a prayer to hit Hulk with anything relevant, even if you have Psycock. And you’re running around pressuring them, and if they stick out something a bit too far… charge xx quake! Plus, with Cyclops, you can call Cyke, gamma charge into quake and even if it doesn’t combo it often crosses up and resets. Hard to tell.

Dope fun. Try it out!

I just wish launch, jab-short, HMM xx gamma crush was unmashable. It looks so right :frowning:

Megaman, Hulk, AA is fucking mean. I used to use Jin-b.

-If you get your hands on their pointman with Hulk or Jin, launch it and triple. Peace out.
-If you get your hands on their assist, triple reducing it’s health to 10%
-The opponent cannot call assists [unless it’s Doom] otherwise the assist will get counterassisted with Jin-b [And MM will devastate it if you aren’t using Cable].

Don’t worry abut if they can mash out. If they try to mash out, DHC in your next character so they don’t touch the ground or are frozen if they do.

I recognize a lot of potential with MM/Hulk, but I have a problem with overdoing it with the charged busters when I have MM on point. I really like the projectile assist, though.

Jin-b is effective, and I like to kick Jin-a around sometimes for Psylocke-like setups & a change of pace.

I only started playing Cyke recently, and the only DHC I found that I halfway like is Gamma Quake XX SOB (direct beam as needed). I don’t find the AA that useful to combo off of either, but invicibility frames are always welcome and the counter can be pretty damn handy.

For Hulk AA, Commando and BH are my preferred providers. BH has some especially nice setups.

And I thought I discovered this team, too! lol

Under some strange circumstances, I’ve had success killing an assist from full with this team… It requires that you have Jin on point. Any assist that crosses you or gets crossed is vulnerable: THC, and they get the massive Blodia cross damage… Get popped up by Hulk / MM and grabbed by MM while Jin finishes, then Hulk hits them with the double crush. Evil, but hard to do.

Jin + MM, and THC Death is why I have some success vs. MSP with it. It’s fun to play, but losing a character really hurts it, and I keep having trouble with letting MM die, or Hulk.

Eh. 'Night!

Tron Jon

Try holding down the hp. That way you won’t be abusing the hp all day. When you’re used to that, stop holding down the hp and think in a similar fashon to when you were.

I used to like Jin-a too. I just like how you can own up any assist scheme that remains horizontal to you that doesen’t involve the Doom assist for free with Jin-b. That assist is match altering big time. Don’t forget you have an unmashable with him. Possibly 2.
[Corner them, dlk, dmk, call Jin-b, gamma charge, gamma crush is one, and it MIGHT be possible (can be done with capcom) to dashjump over someone’s head, call Jin-b, dlk them into him, and gamma crush them for a floating one. Don’t guide it…]

Really? Try Hulk, BH, Capcom. Fucking mean

I may have invented it 3.5 [probably 4] years ago as a response to the Mashing to escape combos article on SRK, but perhaps you can reinvent it. There is a difference. Mike Watson created Team Watts, and Alex Valle reinvented it. Keep this in mind.

Yeah, I tried that a time or two… it looks very much like a budget Team Watts on paper, but of course it plays much differently. Definitely not a “me, too” squad…

Thanks for the MM tips, too. I’m gonna work on that. :cool:

I have more. PM me.

so was that you playing mike z casual at evo with that team? that was some good shit

That was Joe Zaza playing against Z with that team, I was there.

oh shit

joe played myke z?

lol who won?

They had a few matches in casual. I can’t tell you 'cause I wasn’t there the whole time. But Zaza seemed to be in control for the most part.

Darsik is hulk someone good to team up with BH i’ve got a couple combos and setups with Bh and Hulk but dont know if there match proof.
Bh on point Hulk Anti Air Hulk hits lp. Inferno otg of lp. inferno with into hp.InfernoxxHOD. hows that setup or Hulk Anti Air Hulk Hits lp. Inferno xxArmegeadon

Megaman/Hulk is really good! I heard Rick beat some people at a tournament with it. I like Megaman a lot, I played the Nintendo games and they were fun!

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