Megaman Legends/DASH 3 Discussion

Well since it has been announced, no one made a topic about it, so I guess now is a good time to start.
So what direction do you think they’ll go with in the new game, and how long do you think it’ll be til they let us in on what they are doing?

dont they got a megaman thread already?

Not enough for this man!

Its about damn time. I love Mega Man Legends.

if this becomes a launch titlle it’ll be the first time i’ve gotten a first edition console since the dreamcast

Can’t wait to see the conclusion to Legends 2’s cliffhanger. However, I’m expecting the story to disappoint and the gameplay to be just okay.

WTB playable Tiesel Bonne.

And playable Dr. B.

Oh yeah, I’ll try to make sure to keep the OP up to date for the inevitable new info that gets posted in the thread. Probably won’t be for a while though.

Circle strafe and shoot all day BABYYYYYYYYYY

I am looking forward to seeing Roll in HD.

Megaman Legends 3 Prototype version will determine the fate of full version:

Buy Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version or the full game gets it

$3? no big deal. It might look fugly on my 3DS dashboard after the real game comes out though.

Considering how many 3DS systems that haven’t sold I think it’s kind of unfair. The internet might as well start it’s own marketing to get people to buy this. Eeek.

yeah…that’s kinda bs that they’d do that…3DS actually sold well for it’s first month but not nearly well enough to just make a declaration like that. The system is just starting out.

theres megaman, X and Mr. Volnutt :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding? The 3DS sold spectacularly well in it’s launch. There just wasn’t much excitement around it since it wasn’t released during a holiday. Nintendo overestimated the amount of 3DS units it needed to ship.

Read what Sonichuman said. That was the point that I was trying to make.

I hope the action isn’t all circle strafing. A modern approach to third person shooting can be applied here.

Well this is the first Megaman Legends 3 thread, on SRK, that a Google search popped up. So how’s everyone taking the cancellation news? This game would have been one of the games that would have motivated me to get a 3DS. And am I reading this right or does it seem Capcom is trying to shift the blame for its cancellation onto the fans themselves?

Can’t say about everyone else, but I’m pretty devastated about it. MML1 was brilliant if a bit clunky in its execution. I’m definitely a fan (points to avatar).

To be honest, MML3 was really the only project that would have made me buy a 3DS. Everything else is either retreads (like Zelda 64) or more iterations of the same thing (more Mario, etc). But MML3 was one of the more unique properties coming out onto the system that would’ve made the 3DS worth buying. Now that MML3 is cancelled, the urge to purchase a 3DS is nonexistent at this point.