Megaman Match Up Thread - Session 1: Karas

This thread is for discussion for Megaman vs Other Characters. Every session Ill post a new character and we talk about it, and at the end of the session, we decide on a ratio ie 55:45, 70:30, in the format of Megaman:Opponent.

This session, we’ll start with Karas.

Because obviously, he’s a threat.

So guys. How do we fight Karas?

I say that the Shield Gun and the Machine Gun would be Megaman’s more reasonable choices because he could play a nice game of keep away with the gun, and send him back to his corner to a breather OR if it was a 9B’d Shield, an aerial rave that will end up with him eating a Machine Super.

The shield gun will also be a nice tactic against the overhyped Block Lock, as he wont be chip damaged until his super meter runs out, though it would be smart to V. Counter before he has less than a single meter or less he’ll be stuck.

Double Buster-ing is also a nice way to keep Karas on his feet as well.

I’m not sure yet. I haven’t played any Karas of ANY calibur yet xD

We can still build on theory and data.

I dont know, in tournmanet wise I am 2-1 vs Karas. The two wins I have in tourney play vs Karas I won by simply camping with machinegun and charge C shot, and machine gun super.

I can see Shield Arm stuffing alot of Karas’s offense.

but my new hotness is the Drill Arm. Drill arm does alot of damage for no reason. Karas doesn’t have alot of life. I have yet to test out Drill arm Shenanigans vs another Karas. Maybe I’ll make Keits play Karas vs Megaman and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

do itttttttttt

and vids plz

I wanna see this drill arm business

alright, I don’t have any specific advice for megaman… but maybe we can build on my other experiences.

from my experience fighting karas, there’s 3 ‘states’

  1. you’re out of his range, which means in the air and/or more than 1/2 screen away from him
  2. you’re blocking a poke string (BLOCK LOW ALL DAY)
  3. you’re being combo’d

state 1:
play keep away while out of his range. This is the best way to fight him because he’ll probably out prioritize your stuff or grab a lucky poke into combo. This means C shots and machine gun shots. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, random machinegun super to push him away and get a full C charge

state 2:
you’re stuck blocking. JUST BLOCK LOW. look for jumps and block those high. he has no fast overheads so it’s not very hard, even if he calls assists. watch for throws I guess.
block and try to catch his pattern, unless his pattern is [4]6A, 1C loop. You need to push the right moves, such as 2B or 5C, that will give you a short amount of time to do something. If you anticipate him to keep pressuring, I do push then countersuper (with karas) or push and A friender with casshern, dunno what to do with megaman. these get me out of the lockdown.

edit: sometimes you gotta push a few times to get some room. I made many mistakes pushing once and trying to counter, only to get stuffed.

state 3:
I would mega crash right away if he has a lvl 3, if not I may just take 9000-12000dmg combo. If I was karas, I would probably megacrash immediately after he gets in a 2A,2A or 2B.

he’s so annoying to fight.

Agreed. The drill arm is the single strongest arm mega has hands down. It does half a k for no fucking real reason. And doing it out of a 5B makes it that much stronger. That 7k right there.

What will really do us good is if we can find other ways to combo into the drill besides 5B.

MegaMan’s drill arm is about the most “controlled” arm the developers put on him. The start-up on 6B is long enough that it just barely combos off a 5B; I’m pretty sure that was measured by the developers. And the way it hits is so that you can’t baroque from it to anything really worthwhile. If you don’t have super meter, you’ll basically just be doing 5B, 6B.
Drill arm’s extra power comes most handy on air combos. 3B into machine gun sweep is great.

Ah. I thought so. I couldnt find any other way. Does the same thing apply to 3B as well?

And yes, 3B into Machine Gun is spectacular.

how does rock fight ryu? or what can he do against him?

dont spam Machine gun unsafely vs ryu or else you get shinku’d

any time you see tatsu, i believe drill beats it, or you can just machine gun him.
machinegun super through any of his pressure bullshit. any IAD at you with Ryu should be free damage if you have meter.
shield his reg fireballs back to his face

Variable counters are good vs Karas, especially if your partner is also Karas.

his block loop ‘infinate’ can apparently be escaped with pushblock and superjump.

Do you think it would be possible to take use of Megaman’s invici frames during his 214 Machine Super? I theorize that he could push block and start the super immediately after and load Karas full of bullets, if not, he could at least get of a single shot and stop karas where he is and go on from there.

I don’t know how many i-frames he has. But honestly, it’d be better to just use a V.counter, unless your partner is dead.

It’d be better to figure out how useful or practical is, because since not all VCs are equal, it might be a better choice to use a Super.

Double post.

I have no clue if this is worthy of saying or worth considering, but Megaman can Machine Super right after Megacrash, so if Karas is pinning him down, Mega can Megacrash, baiting Karas to do the same right after, and then Megaman can do the machine super. The Karas willl end up blocking or getting hit by the super. Either way, Megaman can get some space.

What do you guys think?

That’s nice but it’ll take up 3 meters. But I guess it’d be good if you somehow had 4 meters and a partner who can DHC well with the machinegun.

True, but the thing is, I thought of it as a way to give Megaman space. Give Mega some space and he can work better. It’s a costly tactic, which is why I’m trying to figure how effective it is and if its worth the 3 meters.

Please remember Karas’ invisible dash which go through some of your attacks. Also a good Karas player while just abuse dash to come in close to you. So in my personal opinion I would blast him from a distance and keep my drill arm handy for close quarters combat.

Wow this place is dead, can we start these discussions again… I suppose that not all stated above is 100% true in UAS

So I’m getting into this game and play megaman and viewtiful joe. Is this really the most active forums for TvC? Hopefully we can get something going around here. Peace.