Megaman / Rock Vollnut Video Thread

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Anyway. Ill be the first to post since no one else is.

[media=youtube]DctNUXBu0b4[/media] - This one is my personal favorite because I actually get down alot of things I had wanted to try. Ultimately, I just did good.
[media=youtube]3l3XK8cMQsU[/media] LOL IM SO CHEAP. I also display how broken the Shield Gun is. LOL.

My 5th or 6th playthrough. Ill be uploading the rest of the stages later. Because I’m new like everyone else, I basically am focusing on learning to use Megaman. Which is why I pretty much stick with him.

Learn the basics of your character, than the basics of your second, before you move on to more advanced things. Right?

Anywho, enjoy!

EDIT: I also like to add that I dont play Traditional fighters. The main fighter I’ve been playing til now was Smash Bros, so yea. I have input issues because I forgot how to play traditional fighters. Sorry. ^^;;

EDIT2: Adding New Stages

versus casuals with Megaman/Soki team.


I totally am Stealing that Megaman combo you got with the B spam into relaunch. LOL.


Small video displaying a few basic, intermediate, and even an advanced combo with Megaman. Some hard to do. Others easy. Most of them are Aerial RAPE. But I do show you some things with weapon switching near the end.


Another combo vid


Just made a Rock combo vid which I hope you all enjoy:

I still haven’t unlocked all characters and still have some ideas for other combos which i don’t know if they will actually work :looney:

So… maybe I’ll come out with another vid some day.

And I’ve just made a second video:

You can download a much better quality version from here: