Megaman vs kz0060 Picture BATTLE


i post a pic, u post a pic countering my pic. first to give up loses.

lets battle kz!!


I am not here to incourage you…

Does DS stand for Down Syndrome? Thought I would ask.


Challenging me could be ur gravest mistake.


I am not here to incourage you…



countered ur gay capcom!!!



Ahh shit. Somethings wrong. I can’t see most of the replies here. I can only see your first post and and then Deonysios. I can read everything on the topic review but it doesnt show attachments so i can’t respond to well to ur counter pic, thus i might have to forfeit. If i do some how get to see your pics, i shall retaliate.

EDIT: Aight, your post appeared when i posted. You drawing is pitiful. Mine is better x10.


Check it out


:slight_smile: :o :frowning: :mad: :fury: :depress: