Megaman vs. Storm

Lots of people say this is a bad match for Megaman. I’m not so sure. Storm players typically come in two flavors - rushdown and runaway. Since runaway is only effective if you’re already winning, most Storm players will rush you down to start. The thing is, Megaman’s jumping fierce already deals with the tri-jumping brand of rushdown nicely, and if you’re carting a ground-covering assist of some sort (Y-Sentinel is bar none the best), she can’t get in from the ground, which leaves Storm having to play a distance game to get in on you. Most Storm players eventually resort to tossing a typhoon to throw you out of your pattern. You have to watch for this. If you’re close enough, you can hop over it and fire a fierce to her face, and you can actually combo from here.

I find this match to be a lot like Magneto actually, with some extra things to watch out for. If you can get Rockball it makes things just as ugly, and Storm only has typhoons and maybe random lightning attack to throw out. The moves that could veritably end your fun are her launchers, particularly low roundhouse. They have a lot of range and lead to pain, and Storm might be able to sneak one inside if you don’t watch your feet. You can’t throw jump fierces for free, but then again, you can’t really do that on Magneto either (s.fierce and low rh are the moves to watch out for in that match).


This one depends on the skill of the Storm player. If they’re a straight rushdown person, then it’s going to be really easy with either a CapCom or Ken assist. If they’re runaway, it will be a bit harder, especially if they have the skill to air-control her into combos.

The biggest thing I can tell you is that Mega Man’s fierce punch trades with the Hail Storm, usually with you on the winning end. Use this at your own discretion.


Runaway storm is why I use BH AAA, Storm > Magnus IMO though, Its fun to watch them try to hailstorm out of the RB Trap and see a J.FP go through the hail and nail her dead in the face, as well as the fact that MM is too short to lightning attack XX Hailstorm on the ground…Its worst when she has sent cause she can call him out and then Hail Storm and he will take the shot, also the fact she has some mystic invinciblity to BH’s AAA while in Hail Storm, I try to not go into RB Trap when she has Sent, she’ll just eat your assists, I jump around firing FPs and RB’s trying to frustrate and make her waist lvl’s chipping and wait to call out assists when she’s meterless, if that don’t work, first opening I can snapback her into sent then kill sent w/ someone else…
MM > Storm w/o Sent, MM = Storm w/ Sent

Megaman vs. Storm/Sentinel is an interesting match IMO. It’s very timing oriented, not in combos but in the right time to do shit. Since I use Megaman/Sentinel/AAA, I’ll explain with that team in mind…

Storm is usually going to be rushing under cover of the drones trying to get a hit into super. What you do depends on how close Storm is and whether she’s called Sentinel assist already. If she hasn’t called it, then you should call yours as soon as possible. Now, if she calls hers in response, the drones will nullify themselves at the middle of the screen. This basically means you have the momentum to throw some jump fierces - she can’t get in beyond the point where the drones meet, so you only have to worry about typhoon (which is pretty easy to see). Keep in mind that your opponent still controls Storm’s half of the screen, so now is not a good time to close distance.

If she doesn’t call her assist, momentum’s in your favor now. If Storm doesn’t sj. to try to get in, you can actually get rockball here without much worries (except for a predicted hailstorm), which means Storm’s rushdown momentum is pretty much dead in the water. If she does sj. to move in, then slide and dash to the other side, and try to call Sentinel again before she lands. If she sj. and runs, get Rockball.

If she manages to get her drones out before you, then you’re going to have to retreat. Drop some fierces in her path and keep your AAA handy for when she does close distance. Cyclops is better here than Jin because of the length of time of the blockstun. If you have Rockball and she’s far, it’s a good time for a quick drop and kick with c.short to at least close out her options. Try to keep her blocking before Sentinel leaves the screen but after your AAA does so you can call Sentinel and get momentum back. Remember, even though you’ve lost control of the match at this point, most players are going to be in a frenzy to hit you, so you can take advantage of knowing what they want to do for your defense.

Triple option needs to be stringently done on Storm… if you do it when they’re too high, she can float and negate all your options. Still good to do on someone the first time, nevertheless. Watch for hits and take advantage and you should do well. And remember to be prepared to possibly fight Sentinel with Megaman for as long as you can before you have to bring in your own Sentinel to match.

Okay, I played a Storm user that tried to beat my Megaman by having more crap on the screen than me - aka chucking typhoons at me. The thing is, although I could have moved forward and killed him, I didn’t actually have to stop moving back because I can just fire a midrange megabuster, at a range that the typhoon won’t neutralize it but it will hit Storm. Remember, the very top of typhoon doesn’t hit, and even if Storm hails, she gets hit.

Rockball isn’t worth it to get in this matchup unless Storm flagrantly runs. And why would she run? Don’t give any ground to her to do so. Just jumpback fierce (intelligently) and drop your assist when she gets too near. Stay near the wall so you can walljump if she calls Sentinel assist (this really helps). I think Megaman does pretty damn good on Storm, better than he does on Magneto, even.

i wish tron had a walljump, and an aimable, that i could walk around with…

Uh, I just use A LOT of j.Fierces and sj.Fierces these, beat Storm’s build meter strategy, and jumping Fierces (well placed) always beat Hail:evil: . I don’t have much trouble figthing Storm at my City, I just could use, fierces and throw rockballs or use Tornado Hold for keep Storm grounded.

PD. Sorry about my grammar… I’m still learnig english, and this is my first post at this forum:depress: