Megaman Vs Street Fighter

First, about myself.
I am a student taking a degree on electronics.
Previously, I help on in Street of rage Remake, in character sprites. I am very keen in game developing so I wanted to work on something myself.
I am a Street fighter player who plays even in tourneys. First i made avatars like the one i have now, and it was quite popular. In the end, i started working on a game and the response and satisfaction I have gotten was great…

So anyway, this is the game i am working on…

ignore the music, it will be changed…
Currently, I am the artist for the enemies, stage, megaman new moves. And music in the following video was done using GXSCC.It was first programmed in Game maker, and currently ported partially to Flash.

I found myself 2 musicians so music is kinda settled.
Could i leave this here because I hope i can get the best person for the task.

**I am looking for a sprite artist who can draw stage better than myself, that could help me out with stage. Please pm me or post some drawings here if possible. **
This is a fan game so I can’t pay you. I am still studying and broke.

I would need about 11 or 12 stage tiles.

Comments are welcome, I know it may not be as nice looking as many of the games here but my main concern is game play.
And to keep the game fun,achievable,short and simple. also serving as a parody…

Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this…? Is it?

I am working on this as a hobby so I wished to keep the team as small as possible, this would be in my resume and hopefully it could get me into the gaming industry as a rookie in future.

Sorry if I sounded rude, bossy, demanding and if anyone here posted and not chosen.
Please contact me if you are interested.

If interested, the task is to work on stage tiles only.
I would need about 2-3 stage tiles by June if possible.

I will be happy to have some more comments/feedback other than those on another topic which i found here long time ago. I may consider them.

i’m not sprite artist, but this is amazing! the idea of themed stages is really unique.

a few parts during mid game do get a bit stale, but i think you’re definitely in the right direction. goodluck with your search!

I’ve seen the first one before & it was dope. Getting ready to check out the second one.

This is awesome. Your sprites of the Street Fighter characters are quite fantastic, and the boss battles seem challenging enough.

Nice work! Keep it up!

Whoa, cool stuff! Makes me wanna play the games, haha. Loving soul satelite

This is freaking awesome ! 2 of my favorite franchises in one game :smiley: Keep up the good work !

In case anyone missed it, please pm or post too if you are interested in working on the stage tiles sprites…
thanks for the comments too.