Megaman Vs Street Fighter






Sf4 character 1st frame sprite by ReyArt .
New frames were added.
Complete new characters include kiske, sentinel, iori, kyo, vice, terry…
Street fighter 3 sheet on the other topic.

[NEW! Oni!] Mega Man-Inspired SF4/SSF4 & SF3 Sprites

here’s my lame WIP

I used your sprite as the base, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Yes! haha, this defiantly needed it’s own thread. Requesting Dudley! like CPS’s but throwing a rose behind him like, 3S style ~

— If you’re feeling bored, perhaps also an Ibuki one flipping up for her kunai special :]~


updated chunli and balrog on first post


great job !
but where is el fuerte? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome Rog Ultra animation!


May I request Urien doing the Aegis Reflector in a non-premium size if the below is too much? Of course if the idea below is too much work then I’d be very happy with this.

I had this other hilarious idea after seeing ReyArt’s avatar. I don’t know how well it would work but I guess Urien on the left where Rey’s Elf is and he is casting the Aegis box to the right it says things that pop-ups say on them such as, “Meet local singles!” “Sexy women near you!” “Start chatting NOW!” If that is doable that would be the coolest thing in the entire world and I would love the maker forever, as if these 8-bit characters aren’t great enough already. I can’t offer rep obviously, but I’d put the maker in my sig and a link to whatever thread you wanted.

Hopefully even if I can’t get that avatar someone will have got a kick out of the idea. Regardless, great work!


Pretty slick Sir!
I just started exploring the art of making animated gifs, so I can appreciate your time involved in these.


sexy… just pure win here!


Bison and iori update…


These are pretty awesome. B)


these are very sickly done.


If my other request doesn’t fly, how about an 8-bit Akuma SGS?


I made a Ryu vs Ryu for my avatar, with your animations. I’ll put an original size one up when I get all the frames done.

Maybe I’ll even recolor it to make one Ken and Ryu throwin a red fireball.


done, other size on first post…
i’m thinking of making them do together instead of against one another…

i got a question, how does the scaling of avatar works on the cp? My image seems to be scaled down…


These look pretty awesome Sonic. Keep it up!




Great job on Rufus =)

Req: Dudley? Corkscrew Blow? or perhaps another of his supers :]]

becomes a pest :slight_smile: ~


Rufus’s Ultra animation looks quite nice!


looks awesome, nice job