MegamanDS Combos (with videos) Thread

Alright, I will be posting my videos in this thread, some will be bread and butter, some will be advanced with resets. Also, if you have requests on certain combos or missions, just post in here and I will do a video for you.

If I type out combos, this is how I set up my layout.

1 3 A1
2 E A2

light attack = 1
medium attack = 2
heavy attack = 3
special attack (launcher) = E
Assist 1 = A1
Assist 2 = A2

For my first video, this is one of my favorite, more advanced combos. Its actually not that hard to do once you get the pattern.

Transcript **

Combo 1 in video
E sj 3 adf 3 fly 1,3 adf 2,3 adf 2,3 E, land A2 + shockwave dash up after doom keeps them in block stun…

The ending I need to work on.

Combo 2 in video
E sj 3 adf 3 fly 1,3 adf 2,3 adf 2,3 E, A2 (sent rp) fly 3, grab (3), E, E, sj 3 adf 3 fly 1,3 adf 2,3 adf 2,3 E, A2 (sent rp) tempest

Magneto Rom Tutorial updated on March 14

Front page of SRK Video

I got other characters I will do videos for also but this is the magnus thread so Ill be doing MagnetoManDS combos in here

u da best mayne.

ohhh shit dat magneto NAHLIDJE

Seems more like a loop to me, MMDS, but good shit none the less.

ya there is no true infinites in this game due to that hit stun deterioration. so more a loop i guess.

do you wanna experiment with double gravity squeeze combos? i wont have time to test.

i didnt want to make a new thread to ask this and while thiis is about mixups and resets, i was practicing my wave dashes and managed to dash over viewtiful joe while my feet were seemingly on the ground ( kinda… well u get wot i mean:)

befor you say its irrelivant this could be used to reset small characters?

flying is kind of pointless imo when the jump H->adf M H, land and repeat loop is more damage

using L’s in a combo just kills the damage overall

launch, j.H, adf, j.MH, land, j.H, adf, j.MH, land, j.H, adf, j.MH, land, s.H into L grav into temptest in corner or you can launch j.MS.


thats his bread and butter that ive been practicing. And if you were referring to my flying combo, i didn’t do it for damage, just for show. plus thats good damage if you ever tag him in mid combo, you can do the fly loop.

i got a bunch of throw resets but as far as marvel style resets, he has some but they pretty slow imo just because they are off that tech bounce.


oops. broke the game. sorry for the bad quality.

I thought rom was gonna be xfactor only, but it actually works without the speed bump. I think I can make it 100% with some fly B, B unfly hit super shenanigans.

The funny thing about hitstun scaling is that it bars you from doing a rom-like rep with the light/medium attacks, so instead you use the big stun heavy hit for the most beastly 5-fierce of all time.

:bgrin: thats some nice shitt son!

“that is now in my bag of tricks!”

holy what?

Well what do you call feel like calling the infinite? ECFierce sounds bomb.

rom is fine. ha. or tvc2finite.

i’m almost positive that ny has figured this out by now as well. remix/yipes were on the right track judging from the FA vids from a few days ago so who knows what they got in the oven now :]

Nigga…this is Americas game, unless you live in Europe, this shit needs an American player’s name! :mad:

Good deal though. Question on doing it: you need to a slight delay on the first 2 fierces and then you go all crazy with the super jumps and angled dashes, correct?

well just btwn u and me then, it can be the EC Button.

you’re correct about the delay.


seriously though, you can call it what you want. but i’m gonna stick with Rom.

Second question is the second fierce is still on the air, not on the ground, right? Thanks for answering.

yes definitely in the air. nice one ECZ, yes fly stuff is broken too, just havent posted unfly vids yet

thanks for all the help. Man I wish I had better execution; was never able to get rom down. Kinda weird that he can just kinda easily go into it without the help of an assist. Guess this makes him better than in MvC2 just because he won’t need to reset people or have meter to kill.

Any tips on executing ecz’s loop? Struggling to hit the addf H.

Also how much damage does this do? I can’t tell from the video.

I actually did this combo a while back but could never get the proper spacing consistantly off a jump in.

I would only get like 3 loops but this is great to know that you can do its like 6-8 times before scaling kills it.

Correction you did it like 9 times almost.

Omitting any Ms at all in the combo really keeps it going longer this is awesome! good stuff