MegamanDS Combos (with videos) Thread

Oh shit! Got to try this when I get home from work!

The “ECZ-LOOP”! pronounced ee-seez

Good shit ECZ!

Could someone go into a bit more detail on how to do the loop? I’m lost on getting Mags to sj back up to hit the character with C; e.g. I’ll do launch, C, addf and I can’t hit them back on the way up or Mags goes under the character

To me, it looks like the first jump after the original addf c, was a super jump back to reposition yourself, sj.c , addf, c, sj back c, addf c, ect ect

the timings are a bit awkward. you want to hit the character as soon as you super jump and then dash late so you can hit them on the way down with the jumping C. Except for the special buttons, none of his ground moves jump cancel so you are juggling him with the jumping Cs. Top C, dash C, land, super jump and do it again.

Ye thats what I thought. U can’t SJC so it’s just Jumping C but it looks like Up Back Jump to me. Anyone confirm?

I don’t know man, you could like read the thread since I already asked all these questions. :razz:

How much damage did the C infinite total when the opponent had too low hit stun??
I was about to sit down and learn new combos… but this clearly takes priority over everything else.

Need to start planning on ways to make this work. Does it work well if you start with like a trijump S into l-m-h-s?

from what i can tell ground strings before launch don’t affect the deterioration of air strings. ill test it out

Ive found if I don’t do a few lights or a medium before the launch the rest of the combo seems easier.
May have been my mind… go ahead and let me know!

Here it is to more or less max damage. Though it’s possible to get reps with the medium and lights afterwords, the damage won’t be significantly better.


Struggling to get this, but I did find out something interesting. In the corner I got D, sj.C, addf C, D to work for a relaunch. I only got one rep, but it looks like you should be able to keep doing it based off of common sense.

wow… amazing damage.
Magneto is pretty much now a 1 guess character and you win!
just make one of those last Cs into an S and go into lv1 or maybe lv3 and its gg!

Keep in mind he did it against another Magneto and Mags has like 800-850k Health? Somewhere around there and we’re note sure what will happen on small hit box characters like Joe, Amaterasu or big hitbox characters. Judging from the video it looked it did about 60% damage so I say it did around 480-500K damage by itself. Mags by himself could probably cap out the damage with hyper grav, tempest in the corner for probably around 700k and with Gravity Squeeze he could probably kill a low health character but he could do that already with other combos. If we factor in assists probably another 100-200k damage and combine that with DHC’s maybe reach the 900k to 1 mil mark with damage. Could probably reach 1 million with Sentinel DHC HSF, Launch, Combo if hitstun decay doesn’t kick in or just Plasma Storm DHC or even HSF->Plasma Storm. Throw in X-Factor anywhere into the equation could easily hit over 1 million damage.

I’ve practiced the H dash MH loop so many times I’m unable to hit H without instant dash canceling it. This is going to take some work to get used to that delay!

do you really have to sj for the next air H or can you just regular jump like his H MH loop?

(referring to the “new rom”)

AFAIK you must SJ C, otherwise you wont be able to cancel dash down-forward C without it wiffing.

Air C’s hitstun is so long that you can really take your time with the initial rep (the one following launch). So really take a step back and acknowledge how long you have to set up the right height to maintain the full 8 reps to follow.

Using air C early in combos allows for some very surprising options. From the very top of the screen you can C, addf C, fly C, addf C and they will be already at rom height.

/\ /\

just trying to reconfirm this so it works flawlessly

is the sj.C a STRAIGHT super jump, or a BACK ANGLED super jump?

thanks guys

Goldn, it’s an up+back superjump.

Killey, with regards to damage, I’ve seen it hit ~522k on its own. I wasn’t counting how many reps it took to hit that, but I can confirm that doing launch -> loop can push your no meter/no assist bnb well into the 500k’s.

Great find, ECZangief.

No wonder I was having a hard time with this. I was doing straight up sj and managed to get 2 reps, but it was super hard. Going to try out up+back sj now.

Thanks for sharing this instead of sandbagging eczangief!

you can sj straight if it’s easier for you. it’s the speed of the reps and the vertical spacing that allow it to loop, the subtle left/right spacing won’t matter, bc the hitbox for C is huge. you can literally sj uf underneath them, hit them with the back of your head, addb C and keep the combo.

i’ll save the good shit for nationals, not this bush league combo ;p

Can’t land that 2nd j.H to save my life.