MegamanDS - MvC2 combo video (all 360 only stuff) 2-22-10

Its on youtube here
or here for a little better resolution

This is basically a blueprint for new combos that can be done/discovered on the X-box 360 version (not sure if PS3 has these also). There are more things I found as well, but want to save them for more advanced videos.

Just want to note, the sentinel combo works on DC and arcade and is useful if you need to get closer with no more levels. Hope you likey! Haven’t made a vid since team beast vol. 2 and part 3 should be this year… TOP 8!!!

Also, check out my good friend David’s (Magnetro) DVD he made with Japanese player Joo here
It’s awesome and explains a lot of things.

Awesome vid, broski.

Psy scoop to rejump is nifty.

You should make more videos, marvel is too serious.


Oh yeah this is for PSY

You can link [s.LK, cr.MK, Dash] three times.

3.5 into s.LP, s.LK, maybe cr.MK-- I believe this combos, but i don’t know if you can work this 4th rep into anything else.

You could do 3 reps, rejump combo into Magnus Beam, 3 reps, launch, (all sj.-- LP, MP, link LP, double jump LP, MP, Up+HK, triple jump LK, Up+HK, Psy Blade xx Butterflies)

XBox is real dumb right now–

Ken v. Sent, launcher, [sjLP, sjMP]x3 whiff Hurricane, land opp. side rejump infinite

Chun is real dump too with her jumps

I think Cyke is the only character who actually gets hurt by this. Even Gief can link sj LK now.

Can I help with next installment? :] (don’t listen to Magnetro I thought Trolls were the guys with the funny hair.)

With marvel on Xbox 360 I like VDO in top 3!

magnetro told me you had unkind words about me…
maybe i do have funny hair

bump, new people seeing it

I can confirm by my own dexterity that the Psylocke combos are doable on PS3. Anything beyond her I can’t confirm because I don’t play any of those others seriously and I don’t have a firm grasp on their mechanics.

alright, i meant new consoles, or non DC/arcade. I don’t own a PS3

Yo Ds, How was the upload process on Was it fast and give me some feedback on the site. I got alot of updates coming…

it was good, really fast.

comments magnetro? stop running to James Chen!

thanks magnetro

Thanks for the heads up.

Wow. I am not touching this version.