MegamanDS - new combo video for the 360 only!


This is basically a blueprint for new combos that can be done/discovered on the X-box 360 version (not sure if PS3 has these also). There are more things I found as well, but want to save them for more advanced videos.

Just want to note, the sentinel combo works on DC and arcade and is useful if you need to get closer with no more levels. Hope you likey! Haven’t made a vid since team beast


This video makes me sad :frowning:
Good work though, I just hope Evo doesn’t look like this.


lol, im practicing all those for evo. if you wanna post in the main thread here


Why does it make you sad?

Cyke is the only one who got a bum deal.

Psylocke probably has a cyke infinite, or at least a 20 hit air combo with no super. Everybody beats up sent now in the air off a launch or air to air.

Some Psy observations:

Can launch, lp,lk,mp link lp,lk,mp, link lp double jump… on pretty much any dummy from cable->sent.

Can now dash cr.LK, crMK, dash UNDER reset, is it useful? No. Is it awesome? Yesh.

Probably something good off an iron man setup-- cr.MK sjc garbage that catches em in the neck


very nice…

i know on ps3 i’ve found many character’s with new links and the like…


wolvie can now speed up and do cr.LK, crMK, otg cr.LK, cr.MK, repite isz dumpuu


Thanos can,, OTG,, cr.lp… onto wtver. Haven’t played with it much with all his normal options off tho…