Megaman's Infinite

How do you perform this?

I believe it’s launch with s.rk, sj.lp,,, throw,, land, [j.lp,, j.hp] Repeat Brackets

I may be wrong, but im pretty sure thats it.

The infinite basically is ( J.Lp, J.Mp, J.Fp Rejump ) In the corner you must jump straight up, mide screen you must jump foward…problem is setting it up, the opponent has to be a lil over normal jump height, Mega Man can only do that with his air throw (The setup is in the previous posters post). Psy AAA is best if you wanna practice timing, but if you dont use psylocke your gonna havta learn to practice the air throw setup which is hard cause he can be easily teched out of.

is deyr like a way to do it like lp pause lp hp or lp lp pause hp or pause between em all cuz i cant even get three hits on this lol im jus starting with him cuz megamans like da dude i’ve always wanted to b good with but since there r so many good storms sentinels magnetos and cables i hadta learn them instead
thx in advance

jab, PAUSE, strong, feirce

Does his infinite require really good timing? I tried to do it when I first saw it but I failed miserably.

yo can we get a vid of it being done? like wit the fingers and everything i have a vid of it but the vid i have does

jlk. j.lp j.hp

so i was like wtf? thx in advance

this guy used lk instead of lp but they are both good. It seems kinda tricky with timing to me especially since you can’t delay the hp much

^-- That’s an MPEG file, not a WMV file. Change the extension so that it works properly. :smile:

that setup is difficult but once you get it its easy

Does this work on the majority of the characters?

Storm,Sent,Cable,Magz to be specific?

Yes, it works on the top tier characters, Im pretty sure the only person you cant do it on is Servebot…I havent ran through all 52 characters to see, but it definatley works on top tier


Out of the top tier characters, in my experience, it is easiest on Cable. Which is just great, because he’s the one character you will never get close enough to to land it.