Megaman's Uppercut

Does the Mega Upper have any uses at all and is Megaman’s anti-air assist any good? I know that Megaman can do his uppercut while in the air, but I don’t see many uses for it that jumping fierce can’t do better. Maybe if the opponent is air dashing down at you while you’re in the air and not expecting any counter. I don’t have much experience with Megaman in MvsC2 (I have more experience with Roll) so could you please help me out? Thanks.

Not sure if it’s invincible or not: If it is you could use it like Ken’s assist: If it isn’t, then I’d just stick with his projectile assist.

I’ll try it out today.


Mega Upper is pointless on point. It has no invincibility and its priority isn’t even that good - many times it gets beat clean by jump-ins (and I’ve even been thrown out of it a couple of times before). In the air, it doesn’t go out very far, so it’s not the best move to use in a “they’re above you” situation. You could use it in an aircombo, but jump fierce takes off about the same and sets up a better situation.

As an assist, it’s somewhat usable but only average.

Lol, Dasrik. Have you been playing Monkey Ball 2? looks at signature

What about using the uppercut to cancel a slide and then XX into beat plane? Nah, I guess it’s useless.

I find it useful for a couple of things:

Wall jumping after SJ the Mega Upper XX Beat plane after say a whiffed AHVB or Drone Super, it gives you the need distance

In the corner, Launch, SJ.LP,SJ.LK,SJ.MP,SJ.MK, Mega Upper XX Beat Plane, no its not supposed to link but a good masher can deal more damage chipping then a corner HMM

…As far as invinciblity I THINK it may have it at start up cause I got plasma stormed by sent as my MM AAA came out and his Mega Upper beat out Plasma Storm…so it must have it to some degree

Like most uppercuts, Mega Upper starts out with Megaman low to the ground, so it beats Plasma Storm simply because it’s not really touching it. However, he’s not as low to the ground as other uppercuts, and he doesn’t even start hitting right away (like I said, I’ve been thrown out of it).

Interesting corner “combo” though, I might try it.

What about after a guardbreak, as soon as they guardbreak you then you pushblock uppercut, beatplane??? would something like that work???

if you’re attacking, you don’t pushblock…