Megaman's Weapon Switch



So I was talking to a friend of mine about Volnutt in TVC, and I brought up how in Eventhubs it claimed that having the wrong weapon out at the wrong time can be devastating to him.

My friend who mains Volnutt said that wasn’t true as “It made no difference. He wouldn’t be any better off with the drill or the shield at that point since most of his game consisted of
1.) Running away
2.) Firing buster shots
3.) Switching weapons
4.) Switching weapons resulted in him firing an extra 1 or 2 buster shots with the right timing
Other than that, the machine gun was useful for punishing shit. The other 3 arms were useful almost entirely for combos. There is no reason whatsoever why you would randomly throw out a normal arm punch or a drill attack. The only reason you would do either is for combos. Most of the time it’s the same with the shield arm as the shield arm you’d use at the top of an air combo.”

I personally don’t know much about how to play Megaman{I main Zero and Frank} and I always just rushed him down or used well placed projectiles and assists to get in on him. I never really considered the prospect of how his weapon switches affected him dramatically in terms of defense. Of course, I haven’t fought too many Volnutt’s anyway so I’m not too experienced with them. Anyone want to add in their input?


The only bad situation I can think of is having the Machine Buster equipped when you have an opening for a punishment combo. That or not having the Shield Arm out when someone’s trying to chip you to death. Outside of those scenarios, you really aren’t going to suffer for having the ‘wrong’ weapon equipped.