Megan Fox to play title role in "Fathom" movie


Hooray for Hollywood.

Also mentions that she’s in talks to co-star in “Jonah Hex” with Josh Brolin and John Malkovich.


This is good news as far as I can tell.

But I wonder if there’s any Fathom fanboys out there that would be outraged if certain elements from the comics were messed up in the movie, or if there’s anyone out there that’s like “Megan Fox is totally wrong for Aspen!”

As in like…do Fathom fanboys even exist?

Has anyone even read a single issue of this series before?


Someone actually likes Fathom? I hope he posts in this thread, so I can scoff heartily at his expense. My comic book elitism ego could always use an easy boost.

This one time, I read an issue of Soulfire. Same thing as far as I can tell.

And it sucked.


Hey, I’ve never read Fathom. But I’ve seen the artwork, and if the movie is Megan Fox in a swimsuit or almost naked for half the movie, I’m okay with that.

Also, its been stated that Jordan Mechner, who created the original Prince of Persia, will be penning the script… for better or worse.


Yes, and there’s quite a few women too.
No complaining, I’m sure on this.
She’s got nerd cred.

-She was a regular at the Aspen Studios for quite a while.
-Is a self professed huge fan of both Fathom and Witchblade.
-She wrote a nice letter in the Michael Turner Tribute book.

I can’t imagine anyone speaks out against her without getting lynched.


The plot in Fathom is pretty retarded, but the writing in the issues i read (first 5 or 6) was actually good (better than a lot of the Marvel crap some people here read).

I stopped reading because i didn’t like the whole underwater stuff/weird plot points.

Fathom outsells a lot of your favorites, BTW. It has more fans than most non-Marvel/DC stuff. It also is the comic with the biggest female fanbase, by far.


I guess it’s all thanks to the artist, he does draw women as sexy as can be :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway Megan Fox is also reported to have a role in the Jonah Hex movie, now for some reason I think she’ll play the role of Tallulah, and that character just so happens to be one of my fav. character in the JH comic (besides Hex himself of course).
So if Tallulah WILL be in the movie and Megan DOES play her role, she had better do a good performance…oh and get scarred, cuz it ain’t Tallulah without the scars.

Oh and read Jonah Hex you pricks!


See, I knew it always had strong sales figures (anything Top Cow with Michael Turner or J Scott Campbell or whatever on it sold like crazy back then), but I up until now I had never actually met or heard of anyone who had actually read or bought an issue.

This is going to be an awesome movie.


Fathom has more female fans than Sandman? I guess that makes sense… Most female readers love being titillated more than anything.


Ah, I see what you did there…

Actually, that doesn’t make too much sense…it’s like if a movie like Showgirls had a huge contingent of female fans. Wouldn’t make sense… I don’t really get a sense of female empowerment from this book…which (aside from actual comic book swimsuit specials) to date, stands as comic’s most blatant excuse to fill all 22 pages of each issue with swimsuit girls.

…though I have to admit I never read it, so I am making certain assumptions here which may be misplaced.

God bless Michael Turner. True, every single one of his characters look alike, but that never stopped him or Jim Lee from doing what they did. He was a true visionary.

But seriously though…imagine seeing a comic you made yourself - wrote, drew, designed, everything - turned into a major studio MOVIE…starring Megan Fox. Wouldn’t that be a rush? That’s a damn shame he couldn’t stick around long enough to see comics completely dominate Hollywood, and having a Fathom movie be part of it too.


You should see the lines for the Aspen booth at conventions. Lots of women. NOT just standing with their boyfriends either.

The plot isn’t that bad.
There’s a lot more to it than chicks in bikinis.
People make the same mistake with Witchblade (nowadays) too.
In fact, aside from the obvious swimsuit issue specials, it’s rarely focused on that at all.


See, that’s what I get for making assumptions about comics.



It’s the truth, regardless of what you think.


Okay. I’ll take your word for it, bub.


^Where’s you Shang Chi av from Zephy?


I just typed “shang-chi” into a Google image search. First result. I’m lazy like that. Haven’t you learned that by now?


omg! megan fox!!!
i’d watch that and i don’t even know what fathom is


I thought Painy was the lazy one :stuck_out_tongue: