Megaverter Ver. 1


I got this in the 90’s, I forgot what year, Works well with Street Fighter 2 SCE

Also works with the Master System and the Atari 7800, But it won’t work on the 2600 or the Flashback 2


most likely that it reports the SNES pad as a Six Button Sega Genesis Pad

The Genesis controller is actually expanded on how the Atari 2600 controller works using the same pins and connector.
Sega Master system is just a Atarti 2600 controller with a extra button and extra pin.
Sega Genesis added 1 more button and 2 of those buttons have High and Low logic functions and there a extra Select or sense line to tell the console which to follow High or low logic.
The 6 Button Sega Genesis controller expanded on that further.

I believe the 6 button Sega Genesis pad doesn’t work on the Atari 2600 an the Flashback 2 is a clone of the 2600.


The 6 Button Genesis Controller works on the 2600 and the Flashback… “B” is Fire


Okay that threw my theory why MEGAVERTER dont work on the 2600, oh well.


I don’t know it work with the 7800, But not with the 2600