meh RC and all


i only play Kgroove, but i started Ngroove, with at least Blanka any other charaacters btw good in Ngroove? except sagat and mr.bison/balrog, i already use them in K

but here is the point, i can roll now, but what is rollcancelling then? i did a roll with blanka to pass the opponent and i pressed backward + punch, and the spinning rollthingie came out… is that it? and i did a super like that as well… is that RCing? or what?


RCing is when you cancel the first few frames of a role into a special move (only special moves, not supers, taunt counts as a special) This special moves now has as many invincible frames as the roll would have.


so if i wanna rc roll with blanka its gonna be like this:

hold back, roll, press forward+p immediately/verryyyy fast?


That’s one way to do it. Another way to do it is charge back, go to neutral+roll, towards+punch. For me trying to go to neutral first i sometimes get the b,f+kick move instead.