MeisterDwarfs custom cases

Hi Guys,

Here are some pics of my latest work.

These two cases are made out of merbau wood, and have just been routed:

After some nice sanding:

2 layers of lacquer (still need 2-3 layes more):

Wow, that finish is very sexy.

I concur :rock:

Yeah, that lacquer makes it shine really nicely. The merbau wood looks good too.

Im also working on another case for at friend of mine. Its made out of beech, and im gonna paint it black

Wow, hehe fast reply;)

Thanks a lot folks. The finish should get better than that. Havent wetsanded them yet. They should look something like this stick i also made some time ago:

Very nice i like borat accent


wish i had the same skills as you :slight_smile:

did you route the roundovers after your glue the pieces up ?

Or route the edges first then glue ?

Those looks great. Might be the best finish besides Norris on this site.

Hehe, its a lot easier when you can borrow your dads workshop;)

Thats a compliment i like sir:)!

As you can see it on the beech box, i did route them after i glued them up.

Good job, they look very nice.

Here is also a case i made some time ago:

man mamut,

Those are really nice smooth finishes. (esp the white one)

Looks like those commercial powdercoating !

What are the steps that will lead to such good finishes ?

why you would paint that beech, I have no idea…

that grain looked nice.

in short for the white one, good smooth priming. nice and smooth layers of spray paint. hmm this got about 8 layers, but that was because the primer didnt fill out the pores. then wetsand with fine paper. i used grit 1000 for this one i think:) last step, 2 layers of clear finish spray lacquer. i didnt sand these dowm, nor rubbed them with compund. But i also think the finish turnd out great anyway hehe.

its a customjob for a friend, and he wanted a black case:) the grain is ok, but i personally like darker wood myself. But yes, i understand why you dont like to paint nice wood.


Excellent job on those boxes :rock:. I did my own box too but it didn’t turn up as nicely as yours :)… some questions if you dont mind…

did you do the routing on a routing table? I’m specially interested in how did you do that nice rounding on the edges.

Did you use a drill press for those 3 buttons. I had a hard time to get those recessed holes with my cordless drill and forstner bit

Whats the thickness (or dimension) of your wood?. What size of radius routing bit did you use?.

I’ve bought a few ‘exotic woods’ recently and I only gonna use them if I can the box as nice as yours hehehe :wgrin:

the first thing i thought was ‘wow thats a nice norris stick’

take that as a compliment :smiley:

awesome craftsmanship gone into these, look forward to seeing more of your projects

mind sharing your techniques on finishing? if not, can u tell me what brand laquer you are using? thanks