MeisterDwarfs new blank custom cases- Shop will open soon!

Hi Guys,
Im happy to announce that I very soon open up my Custom arcade stick shop where I will offer some very nice blank custom cases of exotic wood. Look forward for some nice prices;)

Before I make the official thread in the trading outlet, ill post some pictures of my work so far.Types of woods I use in the moment:
Black walnut

Ill update this thread with new pictures as soon as I done anything new.
Hope you guys enjoy

looking good so far you could even offer them unassembled lol. good luck on your shop as well

Some nice wood you got there :). Could I ask why on some of the wood you’ve drilled 4 or 5 holes?..

Hi Guys,

I finally managed to work on my blank cases! which are soon for sale btw;)! Im currently building about 10 exotic cases.

Here are are some pictures of 4 almost done cases of Padouk, Black walnut, Zebrano and Jatoba wood . All the sanding done (only the holes need some). I didnt cleaned them from dust before i took the pictures though:/

Next step is the lacquer:)

Cheers Rune

any clue on prices yet? They look great++

wow, those look great.

Thanks Man;)

Sorry, I havent quite found out about the prices yet…Hopefully I will very soon! there will be some “add ons” people can use if they like. Such as, button layout, plexi bottom ore not, painted top sheet, NEUTRIK USB NAUSB-W-B and maybe some more. More details will soon be listed.

I have actually just ordered 10 mad catz controllers, and hopefully I will be offering pad hacks of these and maybe some cthulhu boards together with the Blank cases too.

The ones (6 cases) I laquered yesterday, are laqured inside, and will have clear plexi bottoms, black/white rubber feet, needed screws and bolts for mounting stick, and will be ready to use with either LS-32-01 or JLF-TP-8YT depending of your choice.

I didnt get any pictures of the cases with the first layer of laquer, but these will be in this thread after the second layer.


Im glad you like them m8;)!!

Look very nice, Im sure we’re all eagerly awaiting prices and options…

Good luck to you and your business! :smiley:

Hi Guys,

A little update!

Here are some pics of the cases after their final layer of lacquere. I have said it some times before, but it wont last long till these and some other cases will be up for sale. Hope you like em:)

Wow they look really really nice, good job! I’ll be looking forward for more information about these cases.

Those are some nice looking cases… I need to stop looking in the TechTalk forums, I’ve spent way too much damned money on sticks this year.

Those piesces of zebrawood you got have some really nice grain pattern. Top notch stuff dude! Keep it up!

Amazing looking++ Prices yet?

Im glad you like em;) Information is ready, and I wanted to make a post in the trading outlet this this evening but I havent made enough posts:( need 14 more lol!

Thanks man;)

Haha yes its very temptaiting too see all these great sticks people build these days! But ill bet you have room for just 1 more;)

Hi Canto!

Yes, im glad I got this Zebrawood as it looks so nice! Its a little problematic to work with though.

Im happy that another stick builder like my work too;) You have also made some great looking sticks sir!


Thanks a lot Halvie!

We can hopefuffy do business this time hehe:)

As soon as i have made 50 posts, I will make a thread in the trading outlet- with prices.


Last post for today lol

Some pictures of a nice merbau case i finished some time ago (made two of these)- also for sale!