Mekong Delta Tactical Handbook: USF4 Rolento Guide



Rolento Character-Specific Combos/Set-ups It’s done…for now.

Check it out and lemme know if there’s anything I need to change or add.


Just want to point out that hitting Chun Li with Air Raid makes subsequent s.LPs miss beause of her reeling animation’s low hurtbox.


One corner role to can do into ex stinger. Haven’t fully tested all the characters but it works on chin, ryu and Harlan iirc. It also pops them high enough to follow up with ex patriot circle for easy damage.

Only mentioning it because its an easier link into ultra than for patriot circle.


OP Updated with info on Mekong Delta Attack and Mekong Delta Air Raid. Sorry I’ve been a little slow on this, but I’ve been pretty busy with training for Evo + real life stuff. This weekend is going to be pretty busy for me, but I hope to have at least all of the moves completed by end of week. Meaning sections for:

  • Mekong Delta Escape
  • Focus Attack / Red Focus Attack
  • Super
  • Ultras
  • Throws

I’m also going to add his Vitals to this. Maybe include a little bit on his dashes. All the character-specific stuff is awesome, but these are kind of fringe details which I plan on incorporating a little later in the guide after I’ve covered the fundamentals. As always, any feedback is appreciated!


I read the whole thing. My head is swimming


Only first 2F active frames of close HP force standing. In addition after the first 2F the damage is 100 not 90.


I wished I read that guide before trying Rolento in Online. I lost my last mach because I kept using EX Roll thinking it’s projectile invincible.


That’s odd. I guess if you catch a jump with it you’ll be rewarded with 10 more damage? Huh.


OP updated - added a note on using EX Stinger as a raw combo ender, as well as a section on MDE, and Rolento’s Super.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this - life and whatnot, but I’m getting back around to it now!


excellent guide. it’s been so helpful.
thanks op.


Thanks, @HeavenlyStriker‌ - just updated first comment with info on both ultras, and my thoughts on when to use which one. Let me hear some feedback!


The corner only 3 meter ultra 1 combo is actually possible in midscreen from what I’ve tested on so far.

The timing between the ex knife and the first rekka is weird though because the last few hits can whiff, causing your next ex rekka to whiff completely if you don’t do it perfectly.


closeMP is now JP2 for all frames. 1.01 it was JP2 for only first frame, 1.02 it was JP1 for all frames.


@Eternal - I think it’s that was changed, not far mp, right? i think there’s still no JP on far mp, unless I’m missing something?


Correct, brain fart.


If you’re still paying attention to this page you need to edit these things:

closeMP frame data is actually 5/7/13. Only 1st active frame can be special/super canceled
closeHP - Forces stand only on active frames 1~2F. Does 100 damage on active frames 3~8F
closeHK - 150 stun
FarMP frame data is now 6/5/9
Neutral Jump HP = 7F Startup 4F active (as listed)
Angled Jump HP = 6F Startup 3F active (only angle jump with different frame data, though angle jump MP and MK have different size hitboxes than NJ versions)
EX Delta Air Raid (Roll) - Strike and projectile invincible 1~10F projectile only 11~39F
Mekong Delta Attack - No longer knocks down on counterhit. Now +2F on hit instead of -2F
EX Mekong Delta Attack - Now only -5F on block

Proper active frame count information for multi hit moves
crouching MP frame data 8/225/5
jump MP frame data 5/228

LP Patriot Circle frame data: 14 / 235 / 22
MP Patriot Circle frame data: 16 / 235 / 22
HP Patriot Circle frame data: 18 / 235 / 22
Patriot Circle 2nd frame data: 14 / 225 / 26
Patriot Circle 3rd frame data: 15 / 337 / 31
EX Patriot Circle frame data: 12 / 3223333 / 21
EX Mekong Delta Attack: Backflip(28)+3 / 63555 / 10
Ultra 1 frame data: 0+7 / 222(13)2222(25)2333 / 39

There is a bunch of juggle information in the guide book that isn’t quite right and I’ll have that updated on the SRK wiki but this information I just posted is fairly easy to modify on your original post.


@Eternal there’s a lot of info in this guide that I’m afraid is now outdated. Ver1.1 saw Rolento getting a lot better!! I know SFV is on the cusp, but I’ve finally got a bit of spare time I think I can dedicate to making this guide more complete. Thank you for the Cole’s notes!



Rolento wiki page is updated to 1.05 frame data, it’s more up to date AND more detailed than even the USF4 Bible. Hit boxes will be added sometime later in the future. Let me know if you spot an errors.

Post errors you find here: Ultra Street Fighter 4 SRK wiki has had a major update
or send me a PM to make sure I see them.