Mel Gibson


If you get raped by a pack of N!ggers…

And he hates fake tits…


Jim Caveziel would not approve.





New to me. Who is he talking to??


I read this topic as Mel Gibson Please Don’t Leave. Huh.


man these chicks releasing phone convos and shit are fucking ruthless lol but so was mel in that phonecall.

“Stay in the fucking house, Im not GIVING it to you but ill LET you stay there, and ill take care of my child but I DONT WANT YOU ANYMORE.”

that was kind of G


I’m not going to lie. I’m starting to really like the guy. Mel is a G.


So it’s G to be a raging psychotic misogynist racist nutcase??




Everything he said is true.


How do you stop 5 Ninjas from raping a white girl?


Bring 5 black guys.




Mel Gibson is a man.:rock:


Two words, Road Warrior.


Gotta add more Mel epicness.

New Meme: LOL Mel Gibson ? UPDATE MelGibson-blowmememe-Ransom ? FilmDrunk


Mel for Secretary of Defense


“FUCKIN do, you go out in public and its a FUCKIN embarrassment to me, you look like a FUCKIN bitch on heat! And if you get raped by a pack of n!ggers it’ll be your fault. awright? Because you provoked it… you are provacitively dressed all the time, with your fake boobs, you feel you have to show off, in tight outfits and tight pants, you can see your PUSSY from behind!”

People say this man’s career is over…GTFOH! This dude’s career just got a boost.


Makes a lot better sense in context. That’s not racism per se. A provocatively dressed white woman could get raped by a pack of black folks. More than likely it’ll be just one or some crazy white guy. Either way, Mel put her on blast!


Passion of the Racist.