Mel Masters - rook's version


this is how I’d picture the son of Ken Masters, in his teens and entering a tournament.


nice work…

Rook: great piece my friend… sketchy fluid style- :cool:
what program did you use to colour?


its hot fire man…I expect nothing less from you :rolleyes:


thats awesome :slight_smile: i can bet 100% that’s prolly how he looks like


Pretty nice man. What do I see color? I think design wise this looks cool. Is he stretching? Overall good job.


ponpoi, lcr:
thx for the comments guys :slight_smile:

drawn with a mechanical pencil, coloured in photoshop.

naw he’s just posing…
could you please hit me with colour crits? I need to improve.

once again, thx everyone for the comments :slight_smile:


Damn a coloured pic by rook!:eek: I think the design looks great. The yellow stripes on his pants give him a more distinctive and casual look.

Colours are great too man. Not too overdone and pretty solid. My only nitpick (and this is only personal preference) is that I don’t really much favor lines being lighter than the colour (gloves). I’d rather give them certain key highlight strokes to show their shapes.:smiley:


Whats up Rook.

Coloring is basically about solid masses of color. You don’t even have to blend that much. Most of the time I work in three tones and go from there, which are dark, mids, and lights.

See how I use 3 different colors for each tone? One color blending usually leaves for a bland look so try to add variety n your color. My 3 box and red arows show different color usage.

The light areas are usually more saturated while darks are desaturated. Dark areas usually have this “ping”. Under the armpits and neck area are a few examples shown in the picuture.

Oh and also know what fabrics you are painting. The pants i decided are cotton so they don’t get much attention to light as the skin, shirt, and hair. Whites tend to always have highlight, so as the hair and skin if it is sweaty.

Thats about it for color. It is up to the artist to improve. Peace Rook.


instead of painting over people’s pictures, you should be coloring mine.

get to it :stuck_out_tongue:

btw very nice work as usually from you. Peter’s paint over just made it looked better.


thx for the recommendation - I’ll probably take that advice net time. went a bit overzealous in defining the edges :slight_smile:

thx for the pointers! much appreciated man… the saturation thing is gonna help me improve… once I figure it out, of course >;P
btw I didn’t dodge & burn this time (as advised by both you & klak last time round). I actually picked my colours… only thing is that I worked with semitransparent brush strokes.

thx :slight_smile:

cheers all!


Very nice, rook. I haven’t seen much of Mel, but this does seem to fit him. The colors are nice, too…although I would have preferred a bit more of a lip line…but it’s all good. Great work, and keep at it, my friend. :smiley:


good stuff i would like the nose more defined though to give character but thats just my take on mel, have u ever seen the big hit? oh well,…mel. XD