Melbourne tournaments

hello all,
I know this is my first post, i’ve been on this site for a while now, looking though and reading lots to improve my game. Just woundering if anyone knows any upcomming tournaments in melbourne? There was one at galatic circus in crown, and a few others, but is there any upcomming ones? i’ve tried searching for about a week, can’t find a thing


Melbourne Austrailia… or Melbourne Florida. If its FL your best bet are tourneys in Orlando. I no longer live in Melbourne Florida, but when I did I always went to Orlando to play and get better, there are a group of decent players in Melbourne. If you are talking about FL. But no real tourneys to speak of…

nah melbourne, not really tournaments, but like events with lots of players, hopefully see where i am compared to other high level players

In Melbourne FL there is no “high level” play, I assure you.:shake::shake:

whoops, sorry, i ment Melbourne Australia
Not really high level, but just some competition

anyone know if there are any in Australia?