Melee Vs. Brawl

Which do you like better? Personally, I prefer Melee. Tripping and Final Smashes suck. Plus my favorites Link, Ganondorf, and Ness were better in Melee.

melee is by far the better and more competitive game.

Brawl is better

EDIT: Until Project M.

Brawl had more content, better adventure mode, better characters imo. Never really cared about smash bros competitively. REALLY liked the artstyle of the game over melee too.

Brawl is better if you’re a casual who cares about art styles and single player content in a multiplayer game, or in other words, if your opinion doesn’t matter.
Melee is better if you play competitively, where your preference is more likely to be based on important factors like gameplay.

Brawl is fun and shitty, while Melee is less “fun” but is a better game, which makes it fun if you’re not a casual retard. But Brawl is okay.

Alright, nice to know your opinion isn’t biased, lol

I like them both, though I admit, Melee is by far the harder game to learn. I’m better at Brawl, but I wouldn’t mind getting my ass kicked in Melee anyday.

This thread is gonna end well. I’m sure of it

Ness isnt better in melee btw

People honestly say that? Dat Yoyo though…

Ohh, great another one of these threads, it’s the same shit. Yes…
We know Melee is faster,technical, and more competitive… same old story on every YouTube comment argument …
I like Melee better for the competition, but despite what people say brawl is VERY fun competitively to me as well… OMG!? Wha… a guy who actually likes both and isent on the brawl hate train??? Blasphemy …

This thread could use a few Bob-omb’s.

Just kidding. I like both of the games, but I prefer Melee. I used to play it a lot throughout high school during lunch when my buddies bought it over. Oh how crazy some of our matches gotten… good times.

Well, at least Brawl has Project M.<br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>Ness isnt better in melee btw</div>

I liked him better in Melee.

Melee +
Higher reward for engagement (winning the initial rps usually grants weighted mix-ups or guaranteed follow-ups)
Deepest, most interactive combo mechanics of any fighting game, ever
Better sound design
More grounded footsie options
Deeper platform game
Brighter coloration
Bonus Mode
Individualized BTTs

Melee -
Crouch Canceling is imbalanced
Ledge occupancy lasts too long on roll get-ups
Otg system is buggy and sometimes results in stunless otg hits
Port Priority determines some trades

Brawl +
Overall better music (not including intro and menu themes, which were far better than Melee)
Expanded roster
Better textures
Smashville is the most balanced stage in smash history
Grab vs. Attack trades are more balanced

Brawl -
Little to no reward for engagement (winning initial rps is rewarded with an even mix-up at best for most characters, combos are exceedingly rare, there’s a whole lot going into this, but Brawl has the lowest reward for attacking one’s opponent out of all the smash games)
Removal of grounded movement options
No Bonus Mode
Only five poorly balanced BTT levels for the whole cast
Metaknight is way too strong
Randomly forces underperformance by anywhere between 1 and 3 frames
Ledge Occupancy is way too short
Otg system is broken and leads to absurd infinites
Port Priority determines even more trades than in Melee

Overall, for me, Melee has more positives and fewer negatives than Brawl. Still, though, I sometimes enjoy watching Brawl matches. When a player is in another’s head, you can get to see some neat reads.

Brawl is much easier to get into because there is a lower tech barrier, but requires much, much, more thinking/reading/creativity/mindgaming than Melee. Since there are very few combos and guaranteed follow ups, the entire game is a huge mix up, and you have to -constantly- be guessing what your opponent will do. This is seen as a minus by some and a plus by others. This also makes the game -much- harder to get “good” at. Which could be considered a downside, there are only a handful of people who can really compete at the national level in Brawl, whereas Melee is more widespread and you see random people from random regions doing well in tournaments.
Brawl is also WAY more balanced than Melee. Brawl has Metaknight, sure, but besides that, almost every character, save the bottom of the bottom tiers) is somewhat viable. And you’re seeing lots of random characters do really well in major tournaments. Melee is basically the same 5 or 6 characters every time, and that’s not an exaggeration.
Melee encourages an offensive playstyle, and being aggressive and offensive is definitely more exciting than the defensive nature of Brawl. But that’s also going to be a matter of preference. SF2 and SF3 are way more offensive than SF4, and some people don’t like the game as much because of htat. Melee definitely has the “cool” factor, you can pull of some sick combos in that game. There is a lot of “cool” stuff in brawl too, but it is more rare.
The ridiculous tech skill curve in Melee is excessive, in my opinion. Obviously after playing the game long enough you get used to it, but it is very intimidating for new players to try to match the speed and ability of even intermediates. And they aren’t situational advanced techs, often they are just artificial skill barriers that don’t add any depth to the game. L-cancelling and jump cancelled grabs, for example, are techs that you want to do, every time. they are not situational, therefore it’s just an artificial skill barrier, which I think is a minus for the game.
Melee has great movement control, and it’s probably the only Fighting game where you basically have complete control of your character at all times and can put them anywhere on the screen whenever you want (Basically). Brawl still has this over other fighting games, but it pales in comparison to Melee.

I like both games, and really I wont say that one is “better”. Melee is more fun to watch, and has a better community. Brawl is more cerebral and balanced, and is more welcoming to new players.
Both games are filled with lulzy nonsense, but I rate them a tie.

from a non-competitive standpoint, Brawl wins hands down. More characters, more stages, better visuals, better music, more options, and an awesome story mode.

Are you kidding, in Brawl, you just need to camp the ledge and wait for the punish. In Melee, if you don’t think, you’ll get no where. Also, the game doesn’t require sick technical thing, the hardest things are character specific, in general, L-Cancelling, Short Hop and Wavedash/land are more than enough, and they are quite easy when you try to learn them. Also, Melee isn’t that fast, after a few games, it seems normal. You say Brawl is more balanced, but this is false, from tournaments results, more than 50% of top 10 are MK, while generally, in Melee, the top 10 are differents characters. Like the nearly half the cast is viable and there are really good player with lower tier. (1 player was so good with Mewtwo that he had his Mewtwo had is own spot in the tier list (Taj)).

somebody should probably close this thread, cuz its a old argument/topic, and we have project m.

not sure if srs.

No one here has posted anything that hasn’t been said killed to death arguement. Even i’m not saying anything new. But when You hit a point melee is nearly like a puzzle game grom how You try to lock them down and land that hit.

Brawl might have that as well, I don’t play it