Melee's Creator (Sakurai) discusses fighting games vs melee for esports (2016)


I find it interesting that even after seeing how his game turned out and how big the competitve scene is for it, That just a few months
ago he refers people who like strategy and competition to regular fighters, saying they are better suited for that type of play.

I am curious as to the possibilities on why he said that. I play both smash and FGC games. Why would he turn people away from his own game? He even says he is happy about it being popular in esports, but still suggests people to get into regular fighting games. (?)
I do not want to talk about smash bros here. I just wanted to discuss FGC games.


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What do you mean again? That article is from a couple months ago. There is no hostility, flaming or trolling going on…
This is a news article relevant to fighting games. I wanted to just discuss with fighting game players about what he said. Sure if i went and posted this in the smash bros forum then you could take it the wrong way but i am not doing that.
I actually play both smash and FGC games.

I am curious as to why he said that. It could possibly be that regular fighters have more emphasis on spacing and footsies? I dunno? Its just a discussion. If you don’t like what he said than just post somewhere else. I am not saying anything negative here. Let’s just stay on topic.


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But this is not “my opinion”. I am also not wanting to talk about Smash, i want to talk about FGC games, and how they are well suited for strategy and competition.

Lets just stay on topic and talk about FGC games. I do not have any questions nor want to talk about smash.


If you wanted to talk about fighting games being well suited for strategy and competition…you didn’t need to mention Smash.


Yes i play both games, i brought up that news article because it is new, and I am trying to simply discuss how regular fighting games are well suited for strategy and competition.

I consider his statement and say; hey i wonder why he says that? Since i love strategy and competition most when it comes to gaming maybe ill go ahead and focus on a FGC game entirely (?). Maybe that will give me the most fun. What is it about FGC games that fit so well with strategy and competition for 1v1 so well over other types of 1v1 games? “Fighting game discussion” seems to be the most relevant place to me to discuss that.

(With that being said I am technically not breaking any rules listed above)


Because Sakurai doesnt design Smash with these people in mind, hes not trying to make a competevily viable game, hes trying to make a family friendly fun game that anyone can play. He thinks if you are looking for a strong competitive game to play then you would be more likely to find what you are looking for in games designed with that in mind.

While he is happy that people have found a way to enjoy his game outside the normal perameters, he doesnt design the game to be played that way, and never will.


there really is nothing to discuss… there is nothing surprising nor shady with his comment.

Yes melee is a very competitive game, but in ways it breaks more away from the strategy element that is at the core of 2d fighters. Melee as a brawler type game has more emphasis on the physical aspect than pretty much all traditional 2d fighting games. it is a game about athletic inputs and insane reaction times. even the reads ultimately lead to better reactions rather than leading to situations of hard commitment; strategy.

in this way, melee and smash in general are good competition in reaction time and quick thinking, while real 2d fighters are much more strategic, ie what sakurai said: “those who are interested in the strategy/competitive nature”


It’s not a big deal. You just have to realize that Smash was just made by a guy who wanted to create a fun game for friends and family with fighting game elements. He didn’t make the game intentionally for competitive play. He just knew he had to throw fighting game like frame data and codes in so that the game felt like one. It just happened to work out that a portion of the hardcore Smash players picked up on how many competitive elements were in the game and basically turned it into one. Which of course they had to remove things that add to variance like items so that it can be more about characters vs character and player vs player.

Just some hardcore fans saw an opportunity to turn a game with fighting game like elements into a legit, competitive fighting game.


Hey, guys. If we arent supposed to talk about smash please don’t. I do not need you guys to get my thread locked… i dunno how strict the mods are in this area, just sayin. If they say it’s ok to mention small nuances about it then fine.

Maybe we can compare FGC games to other pvp games and strictly talk abouy why the FGC games excel in the department of strategy and competition. (?).


You were better off just posting this in the General Smash forum and not making a topic. You have to be VERY VERY careful about making NEW topics around here because a lot of the time they are topics that were already discussed or closed a while ago. Especially if it’s about a subject that people are tired of talking about.

The BIG issue is that you didn’t read the rules. The rules specifically say that you’re not supposed to talk about Smash in the fighting game forum. **That’s because a lot of people here don’t consider Smash a traditional fighting game and it starts a lot of flame wars. There’s a Smash forum to keep it in. I’m sure someone made a similar thread 2 months ago, everyone got pissed and it either got closed or people stopped talking in it.

You’re best off just not posting in this thread anymore and continuing the discussion in an existing thread. Particularly the Smash thread. Otherwise, good fucking luck.


But i do not want to talk about smash. Why would i post in a smash forum if i want to talk about regular FGC games and strictly not talk about smash? It would be innapropriate to post this in a smash forum.

There also is not another thread talking about this specific subject.


Yes you do want to talk about Smash. The title of this thread is talking about Smash which forces it to be a discussion about Smash.

If your topic or first post has the words Smash in it, it needs to be in the Smash forum. It’s explicitly stated.


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Just please stop. You guys are the ones who are breaking the rules not me. I went over the rules very carefully and worded everything properly to fit here.

So lets get this thread back on track. Here i will ask a specific question. What would you guys say is a few of the primary fundamentals in FGC games that make them excel in the area of strategy and competition over all other types of PvP games?


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OP doesn’t want to post about Smash…title and first post in thread still mentions smash.