Mel's Fanart


Hey ya’ll! :slight_smile:
I decided to post some samples of the art I’ve done over the years. I still need a lot of practice, but I’ll get to where I want be absolutely! Feel free to critique what you see, or hit me up for a commish if you want.

(this one is so old haha)

(it’s water, mind you!! Akira <3 <3)

(i know his arm looks weird, but it’s the right proportions. blame his poofy outfit sleeves!)

( i just like these two together, okay?! haha)

( I LOVE this character)

( i also love shipping Patroklos and Z.W.E.I. together. It sucks that SCV died out as quickly as it did here in the states. It isn’t faiiiirrr!)

( a gift pic for my friend’s son! i’ve never got to play P4, but I thought P4A was HORRENDOUSTERRIBLEBAD!! i am not a fan of auto-combos for starters…or macros…anyway…)

bye bye now


A new pic