Melty Blood AA: The most embarrassing game I'll admit I play

Anyone interested in getting into it? I’ve always had a hatred for anime-fighting games but I gave this one a shot and it’s surprisingly damn good.

Anyways, me and some people from UW are starting to play it… any takers?

I <3 smash.
Have no shame, fuck the haters. I might try it out if I see it around.

I’ve got the game for PS2 and also have it running on my computer. At the last HUB tourney, there was a small MB:AA round robin tourney going on at the same time that didn’t manage to actually finish. If you hold BB again instead of T6, they’ll probably show up again.

MB:AA is a pretty simple game to feel like you’re good in, since its so easy to do basic ground string ->launcher-> air combos with every character. A bit like MvC2 and TvC in that respect.

Edward, Ill cheer for you if you MB @EVO.

I’ll have to give this game a shot. I still have a ps2 stick as well. Does it work with usb sticks?

If this game beat out 3rd strike in the poll, there must be something to it.

That or people just did it for the lulz.

Just the fact that 3S was a contender in the poll is appalling. But that is no where as bad as MB actually winning this thing. I guess those dudes stuck in the corner playing their loli games at all major tournaments finally get their time to shine. This may be their only chance.

EVO 2K11

but seriously, fuck Lilica.

Melty Blood isn’t loli. Although there a few loli characters in it. I’d be down to play this, but there’s no way I’m importing it.

Even as a Guilty Gear player, I used to hate on this game and only played it for the lulz cause it was easy as fuck and people who played it usually were dumb animu fans and deserved to be beat at their own game.

But… Then the game kept patching itself, and the most recent version is pretty good to play, and is quite respectable game (MBAC was getting good but still lacked something). Lot of depth and diversity in the grooves, and after enough revisions there is something for everyone in a character… I’d say if you can, try it out. It should be pretty entertaining to see all this semi-new blood and see what the MB community has to bring to Evo.

Chaos might be one of my favorite character designs from any game, hes like the perfect zoning character and has hella lock down traps on knockdown. And he shoots bees and reindeer, likely the best combination of animal projectiles I can think of . Pretty fun game, IMO Melty is lucky they kept GG off poll so it didnt split votes like mvc and 3s prolly did.


I would play him

I’ll more than willingly teach anyone this game (after i get back)

Look at the link in my sig for a guide that i wrote just for all of you whom i love so much.

we’ll ignore the hate for now like was have for years

Hey ejdge, I met you at the UW tournament (I’m the guy with the recording equipment).
You should have told me you play Melty Blood :slight_smile:
I’ve played the game off and on in the past and am probably pretty good at it.
I would have entered the MB tournament but I have some beef with the organizer.
Well… I heard the tournament didn’t finish & everyone was refunded, so maybe it’s good I didn’t enter.

Anyways lets play some MB next time.
Any plans for another UW tournament in the near future?

Yeah for sure. We’re holding off until the first or second week of March since Bloody Knuckles is at the end of this month.

so I own a 360 and an american ps2. Whats the best way to test this game out? As far as I know there are no arcades with it around. I would at least attempt testing it out for an hour or two.

either the UW tournament they just mentioned (sf4 tournament too anyway might as well eh), or “certain not legal methods” which don’t really net you the greatest results but might work for the sake of trying out the game

At South Hill mall there is a Melty Blood Act Cadenza machine. It’s a bit out of date seeing how Actress Again is the current version though.

haha Ghrrk doesn’t live down here. I play on that Melty Blood machine every now and then, its basically the only fighter where all the buttons work. You need to hit me up to play a game sometime raptor.