Melty Blood: Act Cadenza coming for PS2

For the ones that have wanted it forever, it’s finnally gonna get ported.

It’s not even all females, sheesh.

yea but who cares about shiki :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus Nero, Warakia (sp?), and Sol Badguy-guy. That’s 4 dudes. 5 if you count both Shikis.

3S has 4 females, ST has 2, and HnK only has 1. I guess those are all-male fighting games.


The (like 5 people that compose the) MBR EC community are frollicking in happiness~


That’s awsome.

FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for so long. And I thought they were all anti-Sony. Haha. Can’t wait to try out Kishima finally.


Does the quote in the original post refer to a Japanese release or a US release?

Do you even have to ask?

I wouldn’t put any hope into a US release.

I guess he does.

Great news

I am thrilled. Sion ownage, here I come.

This means I have to get used to pad now :confused:
I wonder if they’ll do exact port, cuz isn’t the most recent update for MB, FT? Anyhoo, can’t wait.

I will be lookin forward to this release. It would be nice to play something new for once.

final tuned is the pc version of act cadenza

No, it’s not. AC plays a lot different from FT, and also has a few new characters in it.

Nice, I haven’t bothered w/anything MB related lately since noone else plays it here =\


Hells yea!