Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Evo World 2007)

Just like in the past, I’ll be running a Melty Blood Act Cadenza (MBAC) tournament this year, with support from Heidern98 and probably other random GG crew.

The event will be for the PS2 version of MBAC, set to “Original” mode (‘version B’).
Standard 2 out of 3, Double Elimination Format
Neko Arc and Neko Arc Chaos are allowed.
Shield Bunker Cancel (“Bara cancel”) is allowed.

A PC port of the arcade “version B2” has been announced, and is scheduled to be released sometime in July. I don’t want to ignore it, but I also don’t want to force people to switch over at the last minute… because of the difficult situation, I’ve been searching for an alternative solution… probably running both events, but I may just leave it up to the players to decide. Perhaps one event could be singles, and the other team format (similar to how GG is this year). Recommendations for alternate solutions are welcome.

There are some potential problems with running the PC version, which I’ll try to solve ahead of time. Things like… extra USB to PS2 converters for people’s sticks. I’ll bring a few different ones, but because every different stick, compatibility isn’t guaranteed. The best advise I can give (to stick users) is to try to test your stick ahead of time, and find a converter that works for you.


I’ll play either version really, but I guess we should go with ver.B2.


ps2 version would be more accessable.

Ill play if i come.

If it does use the ps2 version, the only real person who would be totally inconvenienced would be me because I only play White Len now, and she’s only playable on the Ver B2 pc port. Well, if it is ps2, I guess it’ll be fine since I’m trying to make Aoko my 2nd incase I encounter no version with White Len.

I would say PS2 version
but Mizuki does has a point

Mizuki, you brought up White Len, which is a good point… since she’s missing entirely as a playable charachter, from the PS2 version. I like White Len too, so I want to be able to see what people have found out for her.
Some other noteworthy points about MBAC version B2: According to japanese MB player “ii_otoko”, the game engine has been changed somewhat for B2. Letting go of back/downback, while in block stun, will result in you getting hit (similar to Street Fighter 3rd Strike). I can only assume it was done to prevent shield bunker cancel (“bara cancel”) from being as useful/abusable. It probably makes attempting to DP/EX during gaps in a block string riskier, and similar effects.
Additionally, there are changes to the super armor of (possibly ?all? moves), the correction of a bug which was introduced in MBAC version B (Arcade), which is: Moves like Sion 2c which has super armor from the first frame, through the active frames, would absorb an unlimited number of hits (it was guaranteed to come out, you could even use it as a reversal). It’s been changed to be similar to how it was in MBFT, where you could still use it as a reversal, but it would only absorb one hit. This change is applied to other moves in the game (although I don’t know if it is all of them / only certain select moves). Kouma 22c can still absorb multiple hits, but judging from a recent video, it seems like his superarmor will run out before he recovers, if you can hit him rapidly enough.
There are other differences not specific to version B2: Keep in mind, the order they were released was: PS2, Arcade version B, arcade version B2, and there were changes between each version. PS2 version had “shield frames” (Also known as “clash frames”) removed from various moves (and ciel’s dash). Most (?all?) of them were put back in, for version B2. Popular examples are Warcueid’s j.B, Ciel 4c, and Ciel ground dash. Past this, the only other B2 differences I know of are rumors… I’ll post more about the subject once the game is released.


Oh shit, I seriously thought I was the only White Len player who uses her as main, I mean I’ve never heard anyone talk about using her and shit other than me.

I’m working with Zaelar on this in hopes that we can get (at the LEAST) 50 entrants for this.

Hit up MeltyBread for more on the matter.


PS2 version sucks…seriously. We all need to be playing PC version assuming it will run at the ‘correct’ speed - unlike its shitty predecessor. Also, theres no sense in playing a version thats 2 revisions behind…gotta keep up with japan…somehow.

Im sure everyone will have access to a fr** c*py of mbac by the time evoworld comes around.

~step it up, STEP IT UP.

Just run tourneys in both PS2 vB and PC vB2.

If I’m at World, I’ll enter at least one. Probably vB2.

Veteru, we need to talk.

I actually have plans to push numbers for this game at Evo, so hit me up asap.

I kind of want to try B2, but since I’d be using a HRAP, would you have adapters for controller ports?

Yes, but HRAP’s will lag no matter the converter.

Aw. That sucks.

Just keep it on ps2 to make things a lot easier to run.

Yo, I’ve said this elsewhere, but guess I should make it official and post it up here. I’ll be there for the Evo World MBAC side tourney, guaranteed. After all…I only live like 5 miles from the Green Valley. lol

If they’re HRAP3s, they already are USB controllers. :smiley:

If I come, I’ll have mine with me. They’ll be a big pain to bring, though.

fuck it, i’ll be here for this

Got money on my dude Veteru.


Have you ACTUALLY seen this guy play?

Because those of us in the community haven’t caught word of him playing since last year, and frankly we hardly believe him to be the ‘hidden beast’ that he supposedly is.

Him running this at World fucks up my plans though, but whatever.