Melty Blood Act Cadenza : Guide Included(EVERYTHING ACTUALLY)


Edit - sorry i didnt knw i coudnt post up those links.


Dude, you want to delete this now. And I mean right the fuck now. Either that or YOUZ GETTIN BANNED. And pretty much the community for the game is waiting for Actress Again to be released anyway.



Edit: Also banned


“new game”



Holy crap where the hell have you been? And yes…new game indeed.


Actress Again says hello, OP…



Wow, first post and you’re already about to be banned.

Good Going! :tup:


Looks like you’ll be carried up on that cross now if you don’t edit those links, buddy.

Also, what everyone else said: Everyone’s looking forward more to Actress Again.


What’s SFO?!


Some game that has Barack Obama, Johanes Krauser II, Cyborg 009, Jason and fish heads.

…Oh, and some guy in a karate gi named Ryu.


Duuude, it’s really awesome of you to try and do this for everyone. I’m always impressed and happy when a new members tries to do something to contribute to the community in some way.

However, posting links to quasi-legal downloads is very, VERY much against the forum rules. If it were allowed, SRK could eventually face lawsuits wherein they are sued money and/or forced to shut down.

Delete everything in your post or you will be banned, which would be a huge shame, because it sounds to me like you’re a really good guy.

Please do read the rules in their entirety.


Sorry, I was just trying to add something to the community, I really didn’t know. But i edited my post above. =]


Commendable, but you didn’t just drop the ball on the download part. There are huge threads about both Act Cadenza and the sequel, Actress Again, in this forum.


That’s cool and shit. Just be careful next time and keep that entusiasm going. Just search for the old AC thread and hit up as well to help step your game up.


And if you can find out any news for a MBAA release date…we’d really appreciate it. :wonder::wonder: