Melty Blood: Act Cadenza in Southington, CT on 3/17

I’ll be upfront: I don’t expect a huge showing, and there won’t likely be a prize. That said, I’ll be holding a tournament at the Game Crazy on 360 Queen Street in Southington, CT at 1:00 PM on March 17th. Single-elimination style, open to anyone who can conduct themselves in a polite manner (the tournamnet will, after all, be held during business hours, and we regularly have parents shop with their children). We’ll be playing on PS2 with pads, but sticks are welcome as long as you don’t bust up our counters, which I should mention are glass.

People in CT play Melty Blood?

This is a Saturday?

Also, is this place accessible by bus somehow?

If so, my ass is there.

Hm, maybe I might actually go… This doesn’t sound too out of my way. I’ll prolly go based on the potential turnout.

Sounds like fun. Will it be 2 out of 3 games or one game matches? Will casuals be allowed? If not is there anywhere nearby we might be able to play some afterward? I’d rather not travel all that way just for a single elim event with no casuals, but I do want to support this…

Wow, people actually want to go to this? Nice…

We’re in the suburbs, so I don’t think any bus lines head here. I was thinking single match, but depending on the turnout and what people want to do, we can go with best of three. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of business, I’m sure it’ll be no problem for people to hang around for casual matches.

Just a heads up: the forecast for Saturday is pretty dire, so I may postpone the tournament until next Saturday. I intend to see how the weather looks tomorrow, then go from there.

EDIT: Okay, I think I going to tenatively keep this on, assuming the roads are fine when I head in to work for noon. If anybody wants to double-check before heading down, feel free to call the store at (860) 621-2115.

Hey, whatever happened to this?

BTW Dan, you should post these tourneys on Melty Bread if you haven’t already. Chibi’s been hustling people over there, for reals :smiley:

Yeah this disappeared so I went to CF and had other things on Sunday.


Yeah, I should have posted it to Melty Bread. Anyhow, I brought the game, but nobody showed, not even locals. So, total failure. I was thinking I should bump the thread to remind people a week before, but I wasn’t sure what the etiquette for that sort if thing is.

I promise the next time you hold it we’ll show. I’ll do my best to inform the NYC MB crew, and cats in CT and all that. Also it’s a good idea to post these up like a month in advance and then keep up with it, just to plan ahead.


How far is Southington from New London anyways? I’d love to have some comp, I really like MB but have nobody to play.

Bumps are perfectly fine.

Honestly? I don’t think I’ve been to New London since the Eighties. Consulting a map says it’s between 45 and 50 miles. I understand we’re a little closer than Bristol. Anyway, I’m looking at doing a Hokuto no Ken tourney next (date to be determined after my copy arrives, just to be safe), but I’ll be happy to run just about any game people will show up and play. So, feel free to request Melty Blood or whatever.

I had completely forgotten about this. Even if I had remembered I don’t know if I still would have made it with the weather though.

Results? More than 8 people?