Melty Blood: Act Cadenza


Impressions: Arc 3B cancellable now? 2C 623B launcher is probably gone as they were using 4B to launch instead.

Akiha’s still a dominating force. Some crazy crossup games with her air flame ribbons.

Game seems slightly slower. Whiff cancelling’s still useful, but 2As seem slightly less dominant.

The new presentation and sfx are pretty sharp.

Air to air counterhits don’t seem to force untechable state, which is good. AkaAkiha’s OTG game seems to be gone?

Damage levels seem to be toned down in general, or maybe 2 is the new default.

Shielding definitely easier now. This may make the game a lot deeper than MBR alone because shielding was so damn hard to use effectively there.

Grabs still seem to have lame range. (2:15 on 09.wmv)

Looking forward to this making a console release or a patched rerelease of MBR.

Of Magic Circuit and all that:

-Round 1 still opens at 100%

-EX Shield doesn’t build meter?

-MAX mode triggers @ 300%. No life regen, reset to 200% upon MAX timer hitting zero or round ending unless an Arc Drive is used (reset to 100%)

-EX Edge consumes ~40% of MAX bar

-Manual Heat/Blood Heat looks like the same old.

Nero’s EX Edge Crows & Akiha’s Origami seem to have some serious devastation potential…

i played this but the arcade where i usually hang is brutal competition so i got raped :frowning:

im looking forward to sitting down and having a go by myself so i can try to figure out how the game works…

looks quite nice, the effects most of all. bgs are lifeless as is the recent trend since they stopped hand drawing them.

beelze: are the sprites still pretty damn pixellated?

Some comments lovingly translated by Evospace

Changes on the System (that he noticed)

  • Opponents who are knocked down won’t bounce back up again even if you hit them, but you can still hit them unless they recover.
  • Can recover upon landing after air counter, but can’t recover while you’re in the air.
  • Took out the shield counter system
  • Dodge with down+A+B
  • Able to grab canceling C in the air.
  • Circuit Spark: While you are getting combo’d, if you have a MAX guage, you can press A+B+C to get out of the combo by using all the circuit guage.
  • When you hit your opponent with a Last Arc, the opponent loses all of their circuit guage.
  • When you force heat activation, the time stops while you get your life back.
  • You can’t air dash too low.
  • When you get time over in the air… the character does her/his victory pose in the air. (T_T)
  • Shrine rooftop (Red) stage has no air blowing, easier to see.

(just translaing what seems intersting)
Kouma Kishima

  • Arcdrive: Kind of like Akiha’s. If up close, he grabs, if far away, he socks.
  • Last Arc: He jumps back to a corner, and kicks across the screen causing an explosion. It’s so fast that once you get it out, you’ll hit almost 100%.


  • Still got the double air dash, triple jump
  • Arc Drive: Severe Break (same as Re-ACT)
  • LastArc: Creates a sphere around the opponent and make it explode. (look at screen cap, UNFINISHED BLUE!?)

(skipping the character details, too much!)

(Screen cap page)

  • Aoko & Kouma intro
    Kouma: …No, if one such as me can find it, then the law of nature must be corrupted.
    Aoko: That’s not true~ Just because you have mixed blood, there’s no state that can’t be reached, Mr. monk.
    (wow sounds so Type-Moon)

  • Neko Arc
    Even with production cost 5000 yen, becoming #1 in the USA isn’t just a dream?

  • Ciel
    Excuse me! Two more Beef Curry please!
    (wait? she’s wearing her battle outfit at a restaurant?)

  • Sion
    Yes, deliver it to Osiris instead of Isis.
    (Hm? looks like Sion, but seems older… Could it be her ancestor? The real problem is though, I see a typo! Kinoko has done it again!)

  • Aoko
    Although I don’t really feel like it, it’s true I’m low on cash. I guess I’ll take this big job.
    (Aoko dressed in RED!)

More MB:AC info that has been collected can be read in this thread:

Tight! They need to get one of these on the East Coast.

a little, not as much as cfj or nbc though.

Sweet ~ !

This game is my reason for living. Now I just have to pray for some machines here in the U.S.

"MAX mode triggers @ 300%. No life regen"
Ciel: I am SO gonna be top-tier now! Hisui’s days are numbered!

"- You can’t air dash too low."
Ciel: Damnit! Back to the curry stand.

…wtf ??

ok the animation was like cps3

Melty Blood’s animation has always been top-notch. It’s the main reason why the game got an arcade port even though it started as an amateur fan work.

The gameplay, on the other hand, still remains to be seen. Happy to hear they removed the shield counter system and implemented a more SF3/KoF94-esque approach, at least. Maybe this will mean more actual poking/footsie games.

Wow! Can’t wait, hope someone brings it over to this side of the pond.

Here’s hoping for a stateside release, I wanna play this game. o_o

i have seen some ppl’s life regenerating and i thought it was coz their bar was maxed… other times when it reaches 300 life doesnt regenerate. any other ways to regen life?

Heat and Blood Heat only.

Life regenerates when you enter Heat mode, which is a manual activation.

Activating when in Max mode triggers Blood Heat (I think). I am still not sure what is the difference between Heat and Blood Heat in Act Cadenza.

You can regain life in other methods. V.Sion’s Arc drive and Satsuki’s EX Bite come to mind. This might be where you got confused.

that dude with wolves under his trench coat and shit is really fucking irritating :tdown:

It’s the same difference as in MBR, VMan. :stuck_out_tongue: We went over this multiple times. The only difference is now you don’t automatically enter Heat, you automatically enter Max and have to activate to enter Heat.