Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code ver1.07 "almost" confirmed for PC

According to this official site of Carnival Phastasm:

The next BD-boxset of this series by Type-Moon has this “bonus video”: ゲームソフト「MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code ver1.07」(PC版), seems that is a trailer of the Windows version, and its on the official Type-Moon website, so…


Stupid way of releasing it but as a primarily PC gamer I think this is awesome :slight_smile: Gotta get my Akiha on… rofl my avatar’s finally relevant again.

Learn Japanese please.

How is that relevant?

Well honestly there is a mistake by me, it is THE game, but it wasn’t a translation error, i just read this a a “bonus” and i just can’t imagine they will give the full game on an anime blu-ray, i was expecting some video.

But oh well, this is now a news on the SRK frontpage.

Mistranslating an actual game release as a trailer is pretty relevant I’d say.
So is learning Japanese.


Are you sure it’s a trailer?

Curbeh and a few others went over this yesterday and we came to the conclusion that the game is the bonus, not a trailer or otherwise.

Learn English please.

Learn to stop trolling plz. Am I sure this game is coming out? No, but I’d rather listen to the MB community (which does contain a number of talented Japanese speakers) than some random guy posting in a random srk thread saying he knows Japanese better than all of them and that they’re all wrong.

<------ Some random guy in the MB community.

It seems amazingly hard for people to understand what is blazingly obvious, so here goes.

  1. Hayama Akito sees a TypeMoon product page for MBACC PC, he mistakenly translates the announcement as a trailer, somehow ignoring the footnote that says *there is no netplay. This makes no sense as a footnote on a product if the product was merely a trailer.
  2. setrajonas calls the translation wrong.
  3. setrajonas gets infracted for calling the translation wrong because it is “not relevant.”
  4. I say that mistranslating an announcement of a game’s release on PC as a mere trailer is pretty relevant. (and wrong)
  5. Masterchibi fails English and somehow interprets this as me saying the release is a trailer.
  6. setrajonas tells Chibi to learn English.
  7. Belegorm fails English and calls setrajonas a troll.

Happy now?
I’m freaking sad this even had to be posted, Chibi.

Well, the thing is: the game is coming to PC, yay, this will be probably the “real deal” of MB because i’m pretty sure if this comes to PS3 and 360 too the resolution and the sidebars will be a problem, at least for me, so playing MB in his real resolution is my choice. I’m pretty happy.

It’s my fault, i’m learning Japanese (in fact, i’m in third grade) but i was thinking that this was just a preview on the BD, i just get a bad conclution, that’s all, next time i will read better lol.

Remember remember the days of December
The days when Current Code arrives
It has no online but don’t worry, it’s fine
Cuz mauve will help our scene thrive

If it’s coming to PS3, it’s going to be HD. They’ve already wanted to do this themselves (French Bread).


Sorry, I misunderstood what you said, I just skimmed it over and ignored what Hayama said, haha~


itt we are all really dumb

So yeah about that godlike game that a certain somebody is going to hack godlike netplay into.