Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code


It’s a new update version of Melty Blood. it looks like people can start playing it Spring 2010. i wonder if it will affect EVO or not. This is kind of similar to Blazblue.


It’s pretty much an arcade port of the console version and they’re finally moving to a different board. It won’t change anything for EVO


I think that’s just MBAA “Final Tuned”? Which is mostly taking the changes in PS2 and placing them in arcade? The character rooster is the same at least. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


ahh that’s good. Since the website is in Japanese, i don’t know what it says.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

Looks like they just broke the record for the longest name for a modern FG.


Yeah, looks like it’s moved from Sega’s old Naomi board to their newer Ringwide board. I’m assuming this is the one that’s already been loke-testing for a while now.


NOT ON PC = auto fail!!!

“…back to Tekken 6”


i heard in MBAA’s Crescent moon mode is play the same as Act Cadenza. I will bring my Act Cadenza skill to evo. ^^ i don’t have MBAA sad.


Not exactly. For example I think Kouma’s H is the one that plays like MBAC, and Arc had her MBAC stuff spread out between the moons, although C is still kinda close.

But yeah, most C’s are close to MBAC, but you still have to check the game because its not exact and many of the C versions need to do different combos to make up for their damage nerf from AC.


I play Tohno Akiha and Satsuki. I will try to find MBAA and find some people to play with lol
I play Act Cadenza when i was still in Hong Kong. and some practice in Japan too.


You’re pretty much right, although it’s not 100% clear whether or not it’s direct port from the PS2 version or will it be another update since there was very little information from the first location test back in December.


looks at character roster Oh, thank fucking god those dumb as mecha teams didn’t make the cut. NAC being there is still kinda ‘meh’ though. what a waste of space.

also, since the game is being run on new (better?) hardware there should be no damn excuse for slow down now. crossing (middle) fingers


That game’s not on pc. “auto fail” for you imo.


well…this version aparently will add a coll effect in heat/blood heat, and there’s a chance that they will make it hd ( )


Current Code isnt going to be HD i can tell you that much.


Any talk of MB games coming to Xbox or ps3 yet?


SSFIITHDR has 8 words (counting the ‘II’), MBAACC only has 6.


you forgot that HD was also shortened. Super Street Fighter II Turbo High Definition Remix > Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code


HD Remix is 12 syllables and Code is only 10 syllables in total.


First of all, he was doing it by character count, clearly. Also, technically the ‘HD’ in HD remix should not be expressed as ‘high definition’, because in the actual logo it is expressed as ‘HD’.

Let’s do this properly…

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

It’s a tie!