Melty Blood Actress Again demo

So, how are people liking the game so far (especially those who haven’t played MB before). I really like half moon Arcueid (hope that’s how you spell her name). Also can people post about their experience online?

I’ve just been playing C-V.Sion, just doing basic stuff so far. I haven’t tried getting online to work yet though, it’s scary.

Couldn’t you guys have posted your thoughts about the demo here?

You could at the very least have posted the link to download it.

This. Starting a new thread and don’t even link the demo… :tdown:

Well, if we’re keeping this thread, then someone might as well post this.

Or you could have sent a link to:


…I thought the people that would’ve cared would’ve been on it sorry. Besides I just got the info from ReXXXSoprano’s Facebook page. Didn’t know there was an existing thread sorry.