Melty Blood ex-shielding

Yeah I’ve gamed quite a bit of time on Melty Blood(Act Candenza) but I have a strategy question: How exactly do you use Ex-shielding?

I’ve been trying to understand this particular mechanic and how to apply it to gameplay. I though of it kind of like the focus attack in SFIV but the speed of the game just stops it from working. Though when successfully done it creates an opening the problem being exactly when to use it. Sure I can see the attack coming but by that time could easily evade and follow up just as easy or counter(very easy to do with Akiha)

I’m just trying to better understand the applications for this particular move, I barely see it used in tourneys so is it just useless or overtly pro move?

its basically a parry with a whiff. because of the whiff, trying to guess with it will get you fucked up more often here than in 3s (which is why you don’t see it too much).