Melty Blood ReACT: Final Tuned Open Discussion

Time for a new thread, the old one is getting way too long.

Where can I buy this game?

Try these online shops: - (No longer lists the game on their web store. Left listed in case this changes.) - Restocked and now have both MB and MBR - Can be cheaper – these guys search for your item and try to get the cheapest price. You save a ton on shipping if you request multiple things at once, as well.

You need BOTH Melty Blood AND Melty Blood ReACT to be able to patch up to Final Tuned.

Where can I download this game for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

Watches Vman’s head explode

(Seriously, this isn’t the kind of place for those requests. SRK doesnt support it and neither do the companies that make this stuff.)

Where can I download the Patches?

Final Tuned (2.501B):

Older Patches(only needed if you want to roll back to an older version:

How do I install the patches?

Install in this order:
Melty Blood -> MB: ReACT -> MB:Final Tuned 2.501B

After installing Final Tuned, my in-game key configuration is all screwed up! What gives?

Try deleting the cfg.cfg file in the Melty Blood ReACT folder.

** After patching, I can’t run the game! What gives? **

Make sure you do NOT overwrite or delete _path.dat in the melty blood game folder.

What is the changelist for Final Tuned?

Try here:

What are the differences between AC mode and PC mode? Which should I choose?

Mainly the control schemes.

PC Mode:
Throws done with 4 or 6 C.
Heat activation done with 222D.
Shortcut keys have no use.

AC Mode:
Throws done with 4 or 6 A+D.
Air throws can be chained after heavy attacks.
Heat Activation done with A+B+C.
Has A+D key for throw, A+B for dash, A+B+C for activation

However, AC mode is far superior.
Due to the games poor throw detection, it’s possible to whiff throws on airborne opponents in PC mode while intending to hit them with a C attack as antiair. It’s also impossible to perform an air C into air-throw in PC mode which forces you to use lower damage combos for some characters.

Where can I find out more about the characters/story?

Try here:

What are the Damage Ratings for each character?

50% GAkiha
60% ECiel
85% Hisui, MHisui
90% Aoko, Arc, Akiha, Ciel, Kohaku, Nero, Shiki, Sion
100% Miyako, Nanaya, Neko Arc, Satsuki, VeSion, Warc, White Ren
110% AkaAkiha, Ren, Warakia

Was current as of 2.009. I’m not 100% sure if they are the same in FT, but they are close.

Where can I find a movelist for this game?
Try Kalciane(Bellreisa)'s faq under Melty blood: ReACT on gamefaqs. Somewhat outdated but accurate enough.

What is Melty Blood: Act Cadenza?

It’s the arcade version of the game, with several differences from Final Tuned which I won’t get into in this post.

Where can I find Vids for this game? (usually highest quality skillwise among these) (some problems w/ this one)

(Information not all from me: Most of it is Courtesy Bellreisa, Linalys, Xenozip, Master Chibi, Ikusat, Veteru, Vman, and multiple other contributors.)
(Last Updated September 23rd)

Neko-Arc (The tiny cat doll thing) is in Final Tuned but only as a boss.

A weaker version is selectable in Act Cadenza (The arcade version.)

The other Act Cadenza only characters are Aoko (Boss only in Final Tuned and has a different moveset) & Kouma (completely new character)

Any good combos and tactics for Nvnsgr(?) Chaos? Right now I j. C and shoot birds, gotta be better ish than that.

im getting errors when i try to play this game…

What are the errors?

Chaos: Birds (NON EX, stop using EX birds people!), 5B as anti air, jump B keeps opponents grounded. Snake keeps you safe during your rare rushdown moments. 2A is nigh impossible to shield, timing is fucked. A deer is anti air (anticipate the jump-in), B deer crosses up if you dash through the opponent.

I’ll post some chaos match replays later.

As for the error, if you got it from installing the 2.500C patch, try installing it using the executable instead of manually. That has helped a few people.

Yet another place to find vids.

NKen: 2a,2b,2c, j.C (if more than half screen away from corner add an airdash j.C), land, j.C, j.C.

2.500c fix: Do not copy over the _path.dat, or delete it from your folder if it’s already there.

Actually, that’s almost exactly what you should be doing.

j.B, 2B, and 5B are yor primary pokes. 2A and j.A for close situations. 5B can’t be air blocked, so it’s important to remember that. If you can get your opponent to block something in the air (like a bird, or EX birds), nail with with your 5B.

If you land an attack, you main combo will be 2B 5B j.C j.C (wallslam/land) j.C j.C (wallslam/land) deer

He has other combos, but this is mainly what you’re trying to land.

When they are outside of your range, or you’re in a safe spot (frame advantage sitation), use deer, birds, and snakes. Deer are great for forcing a block and maintaining momentum. Weak snakes are great for mix-up, since you can delay them by holding the button.

He’s not unlike blackheart, in the sense that his movement rate is poor, and his attacks have high reach, and he’s able to spam summons.

[Edit]: Popy, Carol, Bigone, and Game41 also post AC vids. Unfortunately, Carol announced that they may start password protecting their downloads in the near future due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

Anyone know the status of It seems to be down, and I haven’t gotten yukinose’s recent batch of movies before it went. :frowning:

i suck at this game.

I made chibi hate this game.

Xenozip, check the unblocability of heat/blood heat moves. Ciel’s blood heat is now blockable, and others may have changed as well. I wasn’t going to say anything and hope everyone gets hit by it trying to get away since they think its unblockable because I like the move even though it sucks. At least the heat version isn’t punishable on hit anymore.

Uh… Ciel’s blood heat was always blockable, well as far as v2.009a at least.

yup, he’s right. zaelar, r u sure u play cl? do u need another “zar teaches easy characters” tutorial. fyi, 4c is still good. 3 shield frames, 2 hits, un-airblockable…shyt sounds pretty usefull to me.

hey, CHIBI: how can u suck at this game!? satsuki is good now. she has a b&b w/o meter now.

2a ,2a ,5b ,2c(2hits) ,5c->623b ,2c(otg)->623a. uumm, yummy. that does like 3500+. if your in heat/corner, fogeddaboutit!! u and your friend need to get your arses over to spooky’s already and stop playin shytie games (rf2!) :tdown:

ok, does ANY1 know how to ‘super-double-jump’ on command? ive done this a few times w/ akiha, and w/ shiki/7ya it comes out quite often. dont know how im doin it tho. spooky says u imput jump immediately after an arial attack :confused: , but ive done it w/o attacking on several occassions. if any1 knows plz share. id like to be able to extend akiha’s arial b&b.

tap it and let it go fast. hold uf = regular jump. tap uf after air hit = air high jump.

seven, guard, square have been overheads up until 2.009a

look what yall did?! yall made me post in the thread :frowning:

What’s the link for Game41? I really could care less about Carol, the encoding on their videos had some major issues. Also, one other side question, what exactly is the story behind Mech Hisui? Sorry for stupid question, but this is coming for the guy who just realized yesterday that the term “Reverse Beat” was the game’s fancy way of saying Frame Cancel. :rolleyes:


They have 17 new (posted 7/17) AC videos.

They’re ok (average). Best match videos I’ve seen thus far have come out of Urban Aiai-eki and Yukinose.

[Edit]: By the way, there’s some Aoko footage in that batch for you fanboys. And there’s also a Satsuki player there, who’s name is “Yumizuka Satsuki’s Future Husband”. Looks like Chibi needs to find himself a new bride. :rofl:

So she got a new b&b, big shit man, she lost like all her mobility. 22A/B can be blocked in the air now, j.C is 1/3 as useful and the lack of a timer means you can keep her away and keep the hell away from her all day. Honestly now I don’t think she’d be able to even THINK of getting near your Akiha man. It’s all smiles and giggles for you guys, but for more it’s a real pain in the ass because I’m stubborn I just really fucking miss how I used to play her.

And I think Zaelar and myself might head on over next weekend.

This weekend is dead, I’m keeping to myself (plus I have to work.)

Maybe next weekend.

Only certain characters have a super double jump.

To perform it, you tap 9 (up+toward) in the air, after an air attack (hit or block). You can also cancel a whiffed j.A into a super double jump with good timing (strict timing). You can tell when you did it right because your character will have an after-image effect trailing them (like you get when you do a super jump from the ground).

Here are the characters that have it, and don’t have it:


Do not have:
-Nero Chaos