Melty Blood Results

Singles: 45 entrees

1st Arlieth (nero)
2nd Veteru (nanaya)
3rd Leo (satsuki)
4th Fubarduck (Nero)
6th magz (AkaAkiha), alt (warakia)
8th scott (Ciel) psy (Akiha)

Teams: 16 teams

1st. Choco & Q-Chu
2nd Veteru & Jamie
3rd Scott & Leo
4th Arlieth & Jaxx

The team tournament was just run on the spot, it wasn’t planned.

Uhhh I knew that dude, I was the one who was with Arly and went with the idea.

Oh yeah, bump for a game no one gives a fuck about.

I wasn’t saying that to you, I was saying it for everyone else who wouldn’t know. I edited it to make it seem less like I was trying to say that to you. Sorry for the confusion.

People give a fuck about it, they are just all at moldybread.

Oh, aha.

What game is this again?

Porn game, porn sold separately.