Melty Blood Sprite and fighting game suggestion

Hi i have a question. i have been playing for the pc version of Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver. B for 3 weeks now and im a little bit getting tired of the low res. sprites, i would just like to ask if there is a way to make the sprites better even a little bit or a sprite pack that replaces the original ones with better sprites. thanks in advance for those who will help.

Also can you guyz point out good fighting games for PC. thanks. :wgrin:

No, there’s no patch, and stop playing shitty version. Get a ps2 and MBAA, it’s not that expensive, even I could afford it. And there’s already a PC fighter thread somewhere around here.

well i have a PS2 i just couldn’t find MBAA here in our place, and i can’t really buy it online since i don’t have a credit card or anything.

MBAC PC does have a blur filter. I’m not sure but you toggle it with either F11 or F12. It just looks slightly better, but it blurs the whole game, instead of just the sprites. There is no hi-res patch that I know of. Even if there was, nobody is playing it anymore. People have migrated to MBAA a long time ago.

Good PC fighting games = Eternal Fighter Zero and Immaterial and Missing Power/Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Look them up. Especially IAMP/SWR. Especially SWR. Bellreisa will argue otherwise though.