Melty Blood Themed Banner Request

Hi there… I’m lookin’ to update the look of my LiveJournal (stop laughing! :sweat: ) and I’m pretty tired of the title image I have up top.

What I’d like to have is something with a Melty Blood theme to it. Preferably with Arcueid Brunestud (poised for action or something like that), positioned on the left, with the title “The Grey Ghost Chronicles” taking up the center and right space. You can leave out the title text if you want; as long as the rest of the image is there, I can put the title in later. The resolution I’d like is 980 pixels wide and 200-250 pixels tall.

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!

It’s reaaaaaaaaaaally simple but that’s how I do things.


Wow… That is simple. I am kinda looking for something a bit more, though. :sweat: Thanks, though!

Well with the size you asked for it’s pretty hard to fill up that space, but whatever.

I tried.


well, I know this isn’t an action shot, but I came across this Arcueid CG and had to use it. :slight_smile: Anyways, if you like it, use it, if you don’t, hopefully someone else will hook you up.

:sweat: Ah crud, I made one too:

Ugh, Grey Ghost you lucky guy you. It’s not everyday 3 people take on a request… dood.

The CG is from ID-nar (probably totally wrong on that) I believe, but that render for a BG sure as hell doesn’t go with it. Did you make that render?

I like the red lightning though dood.

I’ll work on throwing blood into mine later tonight.


Hey, it’s cool… I do appreciate it!

That is pretty cool! I really like the font too! Thanks! Though…I just noticed it says “Chost” instead of “Ghost”. :sweat:

Hey, the more the merrier, eh? Yours looks great! :lovin: Thank you! Though would you be able to move Arcueid to the left-hand side (still facing right)? I can do the text for that one too (just to fill up more space), so you don’t have to worry about it…

Heh, I guess I may as well press my luck… Any more artists like to try for one? :rofl:

You mean like this:

… dood?

Sweeeeet… Thank you! :clap:

heh, sorry about typo, fixed :wink:

Awesome! Much better! Thanks! I might use that for my Friends page…