Melty Blood to DC Petition!

Yo, I’ve been reading all the great discussions on this board for some time now. Not too many sites can have such a huge user base and still keep things mature (most of the time :p). Myself and others have started a petition, and I thought some of you might be interested.

We’ve begun petitioning, and emailing Ecole for a dreamcast port of their new naomi fighter, Melty Blood.

They’ve told Dreamcast-Scene that they are huge sega fans, and that they’d like to port it, but aren’t sure if it would be possible to do.

We’ve been sending letters to Ecole letting them know how similar the Naomi is to the DC, and how every new release on our console has been selling out like it’s nobody’s business.

Here is the letter being attatched to every email sent to Ecole.

Please sign the Written petition Here

Please keep in mind that it’s the written petitions that have always gotten us results like Border Down and Shikigami no shiro 2 (castle shikigami 2).

And email them at and please link to the letter and petition in your message.

Thank you very much on behalf of everyone at DCS!

Vive la Dreamcast!

That’s awesome! I brought this up at but to little feedback.

Won’t happen.

The reason why Act Cadenza was released on a Naomi board instead of Atomiswave is because of texture memory. Atomiswave (same memory of a DC) cannot handle the game, so they had to use a Naomi board with more memory than a DC.

Pretty sure Vman is correct on this one. DC doesn’t have the necessary RAM to run the game.

Thats a stupid reason. For one, EVERY Naomi game (GGX, MVC2, Powerstone, Crazy Taxi etc. etc.) has used more memory than DC. That is the nature of Naomi… DC is basically a Naomi w/ less ram. Thats why ports have load times (though they are usually hidden, example Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, CVS2) and/or slight texture/ detail loss (example Crazy Taxi).

We’re talking about Melty Blood right? Well, the DC would need to store 2 characters worth of animation frames, a backround, various effects, sound effects, voices etc. at one given time. Whereas an arcade game has to have EVERYTHING stored all the time.

So basically, it is very very doable. Games like GGX and MVC2 are way more taxing on Ram than Melty blood, and both those are more or less arcade perfect on DC.

In fact, a port from Naomi to DC would be hella easier than a port to PS2 or Xbox. It’s just a question of demand for it.

I would keep your hopes high. They still do Naomi ports to DC (mostly shooters, can’t think of the most recent one).

An Xbox port is also very plausible-- all one would have to do is port the PC version and make the changes that are in the Naomi version. In fact, I’d probably put more hope into an Xbox version–then again, ParryAll’s right about games being ported to DC.

And really, if games like Marvel Vs Capcom 2, CvS2, Guilty Gear and a ton of others can make it on the DC, then Melty Blood shouldn’t even be a problem!

You think they don’t already know how similar the DC is to the NAOMI? :rolleyes:

I’d rather take their word for it than yours, and I’d rather see an arcade-perfect PS2 port than a cut up DC port.

I’d much rather have a PS2 port as well, but if they do port it somehow I’m on it regardless.


It sounds pretty doable, and it most likely would sell in Japan, seeing as how they don’t seem to want the DC to die.

Don’t quote me on this, but I’ve been told that they’ve already decided not to make a ps2 port.

no reason yet.

could be funds for a lisence, or they’re lazy to port it to ps2.

Well, PS2 is supposed to not be easy to program for, might be the reason.

Back in 2000 yes, now hell no.

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Online petitions

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I love the DC but the idea of porting AC to that console is just retarded. Personally, I’d love for AC to be another MB expansion patch, but it would best for the game to be ported onto the PS2.

Well, given the fact the SSV (Samurai Shodown V) didn’t port well over to the ps2, I highly doubt that Melty Blood would.

  1. lol online petitions
  2. Recent DC shooter: Tri-Zeal. Is doing terrible because it sorta sucks.
  3. MBR to DC not happening. AC to DC (hurr), slight chance.
  4. I fail to see how porting a game to a console makes it more of a valid fighter than keeping it on PC. Weren’t people adamantly opposed to console ports for a while? God knows it’s easier to get for PC than your console.

Seriously, nobody has ever addressed the last point. How does porting a game to PS2 or DC (blue box issues galore) make it more legit than just keeping it on PC?

It doesn’t. It simply makes it easier to play with my friends.

Uhh, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because consoles are more mainstream for gaming than PCs, thus more exposure equals more profit for game companies. I guess that’s sorta makes sense on how MB got popular in Japan when AC hit the arcades. Was anyone else playing the game besides DJ circles when MB/MBR came out (in Japan)? Who knows…

Uh… yeah it was. That’s specifically the reason why it got picked up for a mainstream release. You think doujin projects turn professional all the time?

That makes no sense at all. SSV is from completely different hardware - Neo Geo MVS. And we know that KOF 2003, a Neo game from the same time period with similar programming sophistication, has an EXCELLENT PS2 port.

Also, there are plenty of good PS2 Naomi ports. CVS2, anyone? Might be easier to do it for DC, but it’s surely not impossible to make a great PS2 version. Hell, Atomiswave games are getting good ports (Rumblefish is dead on, and Neowave appears to be solid as well).

I’d buy a new 2D fighter arcade port for any console, but I’m willing to bet there is a bigger audience for PS2.