Melty blood verB?

on playasia they have MB for ps2 and then for pc they have MB verB
is there any difference between them because i want to get this for ps2

and if verB is better is it coming to ps2 and when ?

I thought the PS2 port had both versions in it.

Ok, it’s a little confusing.

Ps2 version = Version B1.
New PC version (coming out at the end of the month) = Version B2 (basically whatever’s in arcades right now).

So if you aim to keep up to date, get the newest pc version.

There is SUPPOSEDLY going to be a port of this for the PS2 coming out later in the year as well, but no full confirmation on that just yet.

Dont forget that the PC version will get Tag Battle! (something that i dont know if the PS2 RAM can handle)

Are you serious? Don’t mess with me…

too bad it’s just as exciting as isuka

ie its crap



Im on it anyway! playing 2D fighting games is not always meaning of playing with the “technical shit” everyday, 4 players with some friends in a boring day is “win” for me.

thats too good. It’s just that many 2-d fighters never had that cross fever style play.

Besides mugen–and I hate mugen with a vengeance. It’s cool that they are incorporating in such a throwed game. those cats from melty bread must be loving this.

I got wood from seeing the tag pics.

Hope it’s Akasuki style tag and no turn button in sight.

Vids of aforementioned tag battleness~

You need a nico account to view -_-

I am so waiting for the chance to practice Shiro Len. Shit, I can’t wait. Been waiting for Version B2 FOREVER. =(


I started to enjoy this game for a while, but I’ve always failed at understanding the combo system. I might hop back into it when the new version gets released.

There’s a fucking Melty Blood thread somewhere around here…

Just mash, nothin else to it!

my only question now is does anyone know what is different with the newest version compared to the 1st ?

if there are no system changes or new characters in verB i don’t mind get the 1st version. i been dying to play this so long i dont want to wait.


There are noticable changes from verB1 to verB2, like how you can reduce damage for example.

We don’t know what else just yet, obviously since we don’t have the game as of now.

Also, if you guys have another MB releated questions head on over to for all bloodymelt needs!



Ugh, I tried signing up with no luck. I *think *my friend has an account for that, so hopefully it’s possible to rip the videos from that site. :rofl:

Man, I wanna buy this when it gomes out, but I have no clue where would actually sell the damn game here. Which is kinda funny, when you think about it.