Memo to Capcom (Gametrailers)




Fuck that company.


I stopped after Megaman…because I feel that franchise was the most neglected by Capcom as of late.


Megaman is great but I can’t really fault Capcom for lack of MM games when there’s already 857843953 of them. How many people can say they’ve played them all? MML3 cancellation was a bummer, but shit happens.


Fuck Capcom and fuck Gametrailers.

Remembers Sonichuman’s statement about the Sagat scar that is DmC


Probably move to GD as the memo covers the company as a whole. As bad as Capcom has gotten they still in a better place than other Japanese devs like Square and Konami.


Surprisingly, I agree with alotta dat shit, especially the Darkstalkers and FG update bit, but there’s 2 things those folks gotta know.

  1. Capcom is NOT doing badly, not as good as they hoped, but still turnin dem profitZ. Folks complain all day, but still buy their shit, anyway. SFxT and RE6 being total disasters are a myth, even that Operation Racoon City BS did reasonably well. I don’t understand it, DSR is leik the only thing I’ve bought from them since the 1st SFIV AE. Not buying their shit is pretty easy to do.

  2. Can’t say shit to CapUSA, they’re not in charge and I’m sure if they were, things would be different. All complaints go to CapJP and them folks runnin it over there are fuggin gangstas. They don’t give a fuck what people think, they do what the want. I’ll never understand the current JP video game business.


I’m at work and can’t watch the vid, can anyone give me the jist?


This shouldn’t be a memo to Capcom but to all big gaming companies. Indie game developers have shown that you don’t need millions upon millions to make great games. All they have are AAA titles to slap on a game thats underwhelming and underachieving.


For every single person who bitches about DLC there are 500 who buy it, so they play to win and keep doing what works. That’s good business on their part.


They shouldn’t send the same message to different companies because their problems aren’t the same. FYI they have been making memos for awhile now.

Memo to:

Square Enix

Electronic Arts


Yup, that’s why, besides DS:R. Capcom is not allowed in my house.

Financially speaking, Capcom doesn’t need a “Memo”, they need to hand out “How to” pentathletes to other Japanese VG companies. Until people stop buying their products, they’ll never change. I know tons of people who whined like the sky was falling at Capcom and SFxT but still bought RE6, Asura’s Wrath, and ORC.


So much drama surrounding this company. They’ve been up and down since the NES days. They’ll be back at some point.

Honestly, if something like the new Strider was gonna be a DmC type of deal (western dev reboot), let them go back to the drawing board.

and yeah i agree that none of the ire should be directed at the USA branch.

Sven recently said he’s been in talks with Capcom Japan to get the PC versions of the early Resident Evils up-to-date so they can run on W7/W8 and be sold as DD. He said the talks had been going on for a year with no progress. Think about that. there’s also a “yo dawg” joke in there. what is japan


I don’t understand the complaints about the SFIV updates, wasn’t the last update free? Do we have to pay for the next update?


The complaints was that we had to paid for Super and AE. Most people felt the stuff added to those games could have been a patch or DLC.


Which AE was so what the fuck?

Does Arcsys get a free pass now? I don’t like capcom but they are getting targeted for some bullshit.


Arc is so niche that they get a pass.


The complaints for AE were less so as it had an DLC option.

Arcsys is a little different. For all intends and purposes CS is a sequel to CT. We did get CS2 as a free update. Though CSEX is pure bull. Fans like to give niche titles passes to this kinda shit too. KoF13 DLC characters are on the disc but no one complained about it.


You can’t seriously think that making all of Extend’s added content a DLC update would be anything close to financially viable.


I don’t care for the story mode as BB’s story is godawful. To me, all Extend was a new disc for a rebalance and one new character. That could have been a DLC update