Has anyone ever used this memory card to play import games. I’m wanting to play Sengoku Basara X when it comes out, but I don’t want to buy a Japanese PS2.

I have, works pretty darn good for a soft-mod. Of course these are a few games it tends to be quirky with, but it’s worked with all my import fighters, even Rumble Fish, which apparently does not work with Swap Magic. So there is a good chance it will work with Sengoku Basara X.

Cool I’m going to put an order in next week for it thanks for the input :woot:.

Need info please, the Memor32, is a memory card right? if you use that memory card on your US PS2, can you play japonese games in it without have to mod it?? if yes, im going to buy one of these as soon as you guys answer my question.
Also where can i get one of those.

You have to load the firmware update to play imported games on it. You can order it from here.

It can play imports now? I thought it could only play backups.

Wow bro, it cost almost like a jap PS2, and where do i get the firmware that i have to download to make import games work on my PS2?

I just went into their website and they said you have to do the swap trick with original imports? If not does the program boot up the game without it?

I have one, this + swap magic / cogswap ELF means you can play pretty much anything.

why would you need memor if you already have swapmagic?

I don’t, I have memor32 and use it to load swapmagic if I have to.

I have the swapmagic ELF, not the actual disc.

Xorcist, I haven’t tested, but I believe I read before that Rumble Fish works on Swap Magic if you rebuild the ISO. I know it works on HDLoader that way (you can even shrink the game down to less than 400MB).

Just wanted to mention that people forgot to say that currently you need to PATCH YOUR GAMES in order for them to boot up using memento. So if you want to play backups of your originals, you’ll need to make an ISO of the original disc on your computer, patch it using the memento disc patcher, and then burn the backup in order for it to play. In my opinion, all that trouble isn’t worth a little under $70 after shipping (from that link that was posted earlier). Maybe I’m wrong and that IS worth it to you (I’m probably a little spoiled by the memory card exploit/HDLoader). Hopefully the Memento Team releases a firmware that doesn’t require any patching.

So why not just use a swapmagic instead?

Once the game is patched, you don’t need to do any swapping to run it with Memento. One of the advantages for the lazy people if they go the Memor32/Memento route. That and you won’t need to install a fliptop or use a slide card.

Memor32 does not work with ALL games yet.

the biggest advantages in my opinion are:

a) no need to swap your patched games, p.s. I make backups of all my games anyways just so I don’t mistakenly ruin the originals, dropping a disc, scratches etc… so this isn’t a huge issue for me.

b) the memory card + games are far easier to bring to a friends house than an entire Japanese or Hard-MODed PS2, and there is no wasted time hooking/unhooking it from the TV.

but yeah, at the moment you need to create a new disc in order for Memento to load up the games without a swap. And it is true there are games that don’t work, but all my fighters have, so I’m happy.

So you basically have a copy of a disk that runs copies.

^Yeah that’s what it is, an ISO basically.

So this runs imported original discs without patching? Just want clarification.

apparently it doesnt

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