Memory Foam Mattresses


Anyone have one? Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions?

I was thinking about copping one, since I saw this one on Amazon for cheap… even with shipping (no free shipping to Hawaii :sad:) it’s less than a regular queen size mattress. I have a queen size right now that is decent and a few years old, but since I’m moving I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a new bed. The Tempurpedic branded ones costs a few thousand, which is a little too much for me to drop on a bed if I decide I don’t like it.


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It’s usually best to try and get one at a store or find someplace that has it so you can test it and see how it feels. Memory foam mattresses usually sleep pretty warm. It could get too warm for you since you live in Hawaii. If you’re used to sleeping with one of those 2-3" memory foam pads you put on your bed, a memory foam bed will get a little warmer than that.

Another thing is that with a thick memory foam mattress, it’s a little hard to move around. This makes it tough to find a good sleeping position if you tend to take awhile to get comfortable.

I’d try out a thick memory foam mattress pad and see how you like it before getting a full on mattress. All that said, love the one I tested a while back when I was moving in, but it was too much money.


Hey it’s got 30 good reviews, I’d buy it. No matter what, it has to be better than my old bed.


Depends on what you like, I’ve slept on one before and maybe it was me but it just felt too soft. Like if you used the Sleep Number Bed’s number rating it felt like it was around a 20, you just sink into it. If that sounds appealing test it out and go for it, but I couldn’t sleep on it.


i’d but that or a water bed


My friends have told me it sucks for sex since there’s no spring action.


I love sex on my Tempurpedic bed, but I’m a young, strong man who can pound it hard.

It’s quiet. (I can’t stress how important this is to me)

The tempurpedic I have is pretty stiff compared to some memory foams, so grain of salt.

It does run hot with two people in it, but then I just don’t sleep under any sheets/comforters in the summer. I live in bay area california so it can get pretty hot because the wind stops here at sunset and doesn’t start up until around 4am or so.

I’ve never used another memory foam bed, but I have used non tempurpedic memory foam pads, and not all of them are worth while, so like people are suggesting, head out to a mattress store which might have one from this brand and check it out.

When I sleep on other beds I have more trouble falling and staying asleep because I feel pressure on my joints, mostly my hips if I’m on my side. Memory foam helps keep the pressure distributed along my whole body.

My parents have a tempurpedic pad (3 inches thick maybe) and I would use that on a crappy couch bed and sleep wonderfully. My girlfriend agreed it was amazing.

I wouldn’t switch to another bed.


good to sleep in

but since it only absorbs motion and doesn’t transfer it back, sex is a little more work and less fun


I have a few friends who swear the pad alone works wonders and they got a cheap one from Costco. I do prefer firmer beds but I think I can adjust. I know the Tempurpedic brand is a little firmer than the other brands I’ve tried. I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing, honestly, without sleeping in it for a night. None of the stores have the brand of bed I linked from Amazon though… I think I’ll end up biting the bullet and giving it a try.


my sister got that tempurpedic years ago

that shit sucks. imo, if i jump on a bed and i get no spring… booooo


I like it. you should invest in one.


noooooooo dont get one. Theyre SHIT. just get a REALLY good normal mattress. As people have said before, its really crappy for sex. It might be good if you got some sorta arthritis or something tho.


I don’t think I’ll have any problems pounding a girl out on the bed. Worse comes to worse I can always just bend her over the edge of the bed and smash it that way. It’s more for sleeping… because I don’t let them spend the night anyway. She can get the fuck out after we are done unless she is cooking me some food after.


there is no edge of the bed.

it just sinks in. so youre really just pounding her on the bed frame

all in all, if you don’t have bad knees, you’re good to go


My wife wants to get one of those Temperpedic mattresses. Right now we have a Sleep Number mattress but her side goes flat throughout the night. Damn cat got served a beat down on the bed and he put holes in the mattress. I dont think I would like the temperpedic as I like my bed hard as hell, but the wife likes it soft. I think I’ll just talk her into replacing the air chamber on her side of the bed. If its possible.

p.s. Sex in the bed? What are you 70 or something? chumps


My mom worked in a convalescent home for a little bit and they used Tempurpedic mattresses. From what I remember her saying, I think they don’t last as long as a regular mattress. I’ve laid in one but shit is way too soft for me. I sleep easier on rocks than soft beds.