MeMpHiS CrAzY GGXX ToRnEy 04/10/2004


16 players. To many to type so iam gonna go with the top 4 :smiley:

  1. Danny “y” “Chunk”- sol-
  2. Ben Forrester -ky-
  3. Antonio Paulette “Dark Persona”-Chipp-
  4. Melvin Partee “King Melvin”- sol- fraust-

HighLights- Danny! that damn asain kid! gets knocked into the losers bracket using johnny, then swithes to sol, and burn his way up to finals.
King Melvin- has a mean fraust but decides to use sol in the finals, damn!
Antonio- beast’s on Sam while talking to this fine asain chick, Sam didn’t make top 10 sad to say.

-Most people in this torney used either Ky or sol.

gg’s to all, nice torney :cool:


Since when was 16 too many to type. lol…



Man…I dodged a few good accidents only to be an hour late. ;_;

Stupid Danny Yi. :mad: Now he’s all happy and pumped up for a SC2 tourney.

And you better deliver on that 3s tournament. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:


ATM - how u gonna beat me…when u cant beat chunk…:lame:

i know chunk doesnt check the forums, but good ish anyway.


Yes i won the tournament… i tell you what the hardest fighters in the tournament was Gene’s faust… that was about it… oretty much the tournament was very exciting and yes i do check the forums… this forum is pretty much dead… i believe tilt is mad because fun fair veterans are winning there tournaments…such as me and derek… oh yeah beware Tilt players because i will also win the soul calibur 2 tournament…


chunk, we are alittle excited are we =/ If i played ggxx as much as i did marvel you know i would have won that torney :x But anyway’s you won fair and square and iam not taking any credit away from you.



it also helps that none of the real ggxx players were there…no majins, no me, no link. u can have ur fun until summer comes.


Jio i dont know you but i have heard that you are garbage… i challenge you to a duel in tekken soul calibur and ggxx… i doubt that you can beat me in any of them…




chunk - u know me, just not my online name. and if u heard that im garbage uve been talkin to the delusional ATM. sure ill take ur challenge.


who are you and what is your name? play me at fun fair some timess… you think you are better than prove it…


I challenge Jonah at Choas.:smiley:


hey jonah

dude its all ur fault that i lost that tournament u pissed her off so bad so she had to beat me and leave

i challenge u jonah on ggxx


chunk - im at school now but ill be there in three weeks…what is the button setup like.


the button setup is mortal kombat style… at first it sucked but i got used to it…i better at arcade then console…way better


congrats chunk for winnin the ggxx tourney but u wont be so lucky at the sc2 tourney cause im really good at it


ill never play on the MK setup again. ATM beat me on that setup on my first day playin on it and he thinks he is good now…if the FF setup is different, ill play u there…i get home in 3 weeks.

and where are all these people coming from that ive never seen post?


I promote on my free time. :cool:


Saga? are you the guy that got beat by the girl…and you so you can take me on in sc2… well the girl is good at ggxx


beat by a girl!!!.. bow ur head in shame.