Memphis Monthly GGXX Torney Round 2 results

Ok first off, i only play marvel, alway’s have and alway’s will. Second this has got to be the most f up torney’s we ever had yet.

ggxx-19 players

  1. Danny Y “Chunk”-sol
  2. Dennis Johnson “DJ!”-potempin,ky:eek:
  3. Eddie Partee “D.Double”-may
  4. Melvin Partee “KingMelvin”- fraust
  5. James Walker “Cartman”-testament
  6. Courtney Crawford “Big Duo”-alx:eek:
  7. Rondney Darden “Gutz”- Johnny
  8. Gene Fayne-fraust
  9. Andrew Fayne “Captain N2000”
  10. Antino Paulet “Dark Persona”-chipp,johnny(disqualitified)
  11. Joseph Sutton “Madman”-sol (disqualitified)
  12. Kay Baners “Inkwell”-sol
  13. Jonah Moses “SpecialistK”-ky(he just plays marvel seriously)
  14. David Burke “Ragnarak”-sol,johnny(disqualitified)
  15. Jeffrey Braddford “Nagata215119”-johnny

I have to speak the truth here, you just don’t leave in the middle of a torney, that’s just not reasonable, other word’s that’s some foul shhhh.

highlights- danny goes thru the hole torney undefeated! He just play’s a very smart sol. After the first round in the grind of the torney we have like 5 people that just leaves! We should have stop the entire torney because most of those players atleast could have had a chance at the winners finals. But it wouldn’t have been far for the rest

Dennis- suprise’s everyone and blast’s his way to the winner’s final’s with ky.

Melvin- what a upset that was losing against a may player after doing adv tactic’s with fraust:eek:

Overall the torney didn’t go as planned but o’well, shhh happens .Sorry about the comment about not playing ggxx “jio”, that button set up i just don’t like…:bluu:

I would own all of those placers in that tourny if that tourny was console. 100% free tourny win for me. :evil:

jio, sorry I couldn’t go to it I had to go to a family reunion with parents. I would have been 70% handicap anyways I never play arcade. Arcade is dumb because it randomly changes everywhere you go while a controller stays the same just the way you like it. And console is always overall better.

Next time put it on console. So everyone can get owned. The real GGXX players are jio, and the Majins which is me and bro.
Be Afraid I will be there if console

props to chunk and gene cuz they my boys… but we all know the results if me or the majins’ came. lol im not surprised that chunk won, lol…i beat the other guts on my first time playin even on that crazy mk button setup.

19 players…pretty impressive.

Ok i won the tournament once again…and most of the people chickened out…which is a sissy move to me…but anyways the tournament wasnt about the first place prize it was about competition. I expected to see the majins and jio…you guys say ya so hard in the game why didt ya come…and there should of been no excuse… i had to play with that fucked up setup too. dont act like ya the only ones…listen im sick of ya folks who didnt join the tournament saying ya the shit… This next guilty gear tournament is going to be cruicial. Because im going to rep being the best guilty gear player in memphis till someone beats me in the tournament. This goes to the following people:

  1. Lincoln Richie
  2. ATM
  3. Majin’s
  4. Jio
  5. John Sawyer
  6. Chris Hernadez
  7. Jeremy Jackson (Jay)
  8. Jason

Anyone else thinks they are better than me…Join the next tournament. I will shake your danm hand personally.
This last tournament disappointed me…

im at school in knoxville…i told u that.:confused:

as u said, link doesnt count since he’s in cali now… majins’ had prior engagements…have the next tourney on console or with a normal button setup, and ill be there…school or not…

Chunk - Me, my bro, jio, -KDX-, SD Vegeken, link, have all been to and placed in KiT Kumite in TENNESSEE!!! tourneys. That means that we are the best in this state until proven otherwise, so you really shouldn’t think even for a second that you’re the best in any part in TN until you beat the best. I, Lil Majin, have never said that I was the s**t and the pplz names I posted in my 1st sentence know how good the likes of you play anyhow. I know for a fact that they wouldn’t drive down to memphis to get baby-competition from a wolfchase tourney anyhow. Jason Barksley’s Ky woulda scraped that tourney.

P.S. Btw, you should go to a KiT tourney to prove your worth in ggxx. Wolfchase tourneys don’t cut when members of the TN Hustlas Society don’t show. Anywho, I’m just stating the facts and not talking trash.

Damn, all this heat and no AC… First of all, and this goes to the peep’s that think there sooo cold in ggxx which indeed maybe true. But you don’t just ram shack into a torney result’s page and say some foolish shit like I WOULD OWN THEM IF THE REAL GGXX PLAYERS WERE THERE! Ra work’s hard trying to develop a gaming society so people who want to come up in ggxx can. But when you have people say dumb shit like WOLFCHASE IS FOR SCRUBS, I WOULDN’T WANTA WASTE MY TIME WITH THEM, IF THEY ARE NOT AT TIT6 PLACING HIGH OR ANY OTHER BIG TORNEY THEY AIN’T SHIT. Damn people can’t even come up these day’s without batches bringing them down. I can’t believe some of the comment’s iam hearing from these ggxx players. I bet most of these placers that placed in the wolfchase torney played ggxx (on console) as much as i play marvel (everyday) they would prove you wrong!

This is Lil Majin

jonah - What we’re saying is indeed a FACT!! But anywho, I’m talking directly to “Chunk.” You’ve got to look at the bigger picture, man. This guy wins a rinky-dink WC tourney EASILY and now SAYS that he is the BEST in memphis in ggxx knowing that I am the official best player in TN/who doesn’t?!

If you won a Cali tourney in MvC2 in which ALL of the contestants are so slaw that they’re not even to be considered scrubs, then would you run around saying that you are the best when you KNOW J.Wong is living in that same city/state? Now that is DUMB SH*T TO SAY IF YOU ASK ME!!

Also, playing any game everyday doesn’t make you cold. But obviously, the last part of that sentence won’t EVER happen.

Since all of the “so-called” “dumb-shit” that we’re saying is very true, then what does that make it? Can you tell me? Can you?

P.S. I mean no offense to you, jonah, but being practical will always let you see the bigger picture of things…

i have no problems with players on the come up…i have problems with egos…now i know chunk be trippin so im not talkin bout him…im talkin about people like that faust player who claim to be SOO good, when they really dont get it…i gave all the players their props, just said that i wish i coulda made it…if anything, me challenging their false sense of superiority should make them want to get better…

chunk beats all those guys and he doesnt even own the game lol. i wouldnt just talk bad for no reason…i played each of those guys from 1-7 place, excusing chunk, they ALL need ALOT of work…ill tutor them wtf lol. i saw a guy on one occasion, they did qcb+p off the wall the jump pppp. wtf…thats the equivalent of call sent. then with cable LP,LP.

and also i totally respect ra for tryin to do sumthin for the gaming community in memphis, but wtf 50 cents is expensive lol. i dont care about it being console or not…i can play either. so next time ill be there if i can…also no disrespect to the new wolfchase guys, i respect guys on the come up, but dont lose ur head…know ur place…cuz once u adopt an attitude like DP has, that u are the best, when u are clearly outdone…u will be a scrub for a long time

sure are alot of ggxx players in memphis, maybe if we hold a KiT event there, they can all show up?

If so we can see who is REALLY worth what. I’m not gonna say shit about any of you cause aside from the Majins and Jio, I haven’t seen any of you play.

If we have a KiT, or for that matter a non-KiT console tourney in Memphis, I will be there.

And like I said, I haven’t played any of you or for that matter met any of the non-KiT peeps there from Memphis…but I am guessing that I could do pretty damn well, if not win, any tourney you guys decided to hold there in Memphis.

Oh, and before there’s any confusion-- I only play on console.

ONE LAST question…^^ How did those ppl get disqualified?? I am curious cause it seems odd to have so many DQ’s in one tourney.


Look…ego or no ego…im proving my point…get your little KIT tournament in memphis…if ya claim the best in tennessee han claim memphis first…i got memphis on lock till someone beas me at a tournament…lil majin? you think you cold with that chipp…well i aint going to lie to you he is kinda cold…but not the best trust me…you want to prove you the best…throw A kit in memphis…Anyways im not going to drive all the way across tennessee to play a tournament…Bring that shit to memphis. As you can see…ya think ya big and bad playing all the way in murfreesboro…I dont know which one of you majins play with chipp…whoever it is i give you props…because i think you are comp…as for the other majin…anji moto needs some working…ever since the time i played him. So basically im giong to point it out like this…Dont claim your the best till you beat the best. Meaning in memphis or probably tennessee.

To me those little KIT tournaments dont mean shit to me…
All i know is Mick wins the soulcalibur and Tekken tournaments.

ya want to know why all those folks disqualified…
because they all was scared of losing…or following the path of ATM when he left.

stop…using…50…elipses…between…words… :slight_smile:

all hail king chunk…

:eek: Did…you…just…say…that!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

THAT’S MY LINE!! You’re the one whom is supposed to play ME!! Why do I even bother w/ you? eh? I mean, I thought that I proved to you that I was better than you at fun fair. Even though it was ggx1.5, it was also my first time EVER playing it (on arcade sticks at that). Anyways, we need to get something set up so that I can play/beat you at WC and prove it to you again. Let’s say, the best out of 10 games?

P.S. Is this is the ish that I have to go through for winning that ggxx tourney in M-boro that proved I was the best in TN? Even till this day, no one that thought they could beat me has managed to even get a two win winning streak on me. Though my glory won’t last forever, I’ll just have to prove myself once again.

I sure hope that I can go to evo2k4…

im teh best on arcade. :lame: lol

memphis is way too killer, better let people know that at evo, you’re breaking hearts and leaving people hungry :frowning:

look everyone, there’s no need for all this drama. We are all in the same state and there for we really should be on the same team. But that’s just my opinion… Danny i do believe that most of the best ggxx players in the states play on pad (ps2). I have without a shadow of a dought seen vid’s made by the majin’s and jio to were they were doing combo’s i had never seen before which tell’s me not only do they take this game seriously but they are a force to be recken with. Now looking at the tit6 torney result’s KDX top off in 4th, that’s pretty high, ranking up there with Kevin Tuner (Shin Kensou), and The Chief. Danny your stepping into a dangeruos arena with the Majin’s. Do you own ggxx chunk? Because i hope you are praticing because to me the majin’s jio and KDX are on the same level as asainhitler,marneto, shin kensou, and many others. Chunk, this is a dangeruos game you playing, you are asking for some of the best comp in the state. I hope you are ready… not taking anyone’s side, but just looking at the larger arena compared to the smaller one…

[ goes back to playin marvel again]:wink:

hmm well put.


only one of us that is at kensou level is lil majin… but any of us would be the other people u mentioned. but im not here to talk trash…and danny is my boy, despite him not even owning ggxx…:frowning: …as long as we are all gettin ready for evo…ive got bets to win

It’s whatever. All I know is this. I dont own guilty gear xx and i dont even fucking own a playstation. So why im i so crunk? because its in my system. Anyways Majin… i play on console, arcade sticks, or N64 sticks…i dont care… I have no disadvatages…im playing on MK style sticks anyways. So Majin you think you on my level? Ok…come to johns house one day while im there…if you beat the shit out of me…i will never talk or say shit abbout you…( I’m talking to the guy that plays with chipp ) Everyone else i played seem to suck…maybe its because of guilty gear x 1.5. Like i said…throw one of those little KIT tournaments in Memphis and we see who is on whos level.

But fuck the bullshit…Tennessee should represent equally… and not argue who is the best…but competition is always fun for me.

As you know, Jonah is a proud member of Fun fair