Memphis Office Battles official Results and shoutouts!


I would like to thank everyone and anyone who came out to this tournament. Official shoutouts coming soon but here are the official results!

Official SSF4 Results.

  1. McCool (Sim)
  2. Negro Justice (Dictator)
  3. JFord78 (Dudley)
  4. 10x (ken)
  5. Wootsick
  6. Chithappens
  7. Cylus
  8. Cedric
  9. Hiryu
  10. Kerwin
  11. Bishop
  12. Eraser
  13. T-Bone
  14. RaginRaven
  15. PJan
  16. Mekkanic
  17. Squabb
  18. Miguel
  19. BoomCube
  20. ShinBlade
  21. Ruthless
  22. Atmosfold
  23. Zodas
  24. Kyoji
  25. GDBell
  26. Sunstone
  27. Night
  28. Professor Gene
  29. Jake the Snake
  30. Kadahj
  31. FlownMichaels
  32. Lycan

Official Tekken Results.

  1. Lil Majin (king)
  2. KodeeVu (Lars/Kaz)
  3. Shinblade (Steve)
  4. Professor Gene
  5. FlownMichaels
  6. Bishop
  7. Azure Pheonix
  8. Booty Warrior
  9. Lycan
  10. Chesley
  11. Don
  12. Night
  13. Troy

Official MvC3 Results.

  1. Boomcube (Wesk/Mag/Wolv?)
  2. Cylus (Zero/Tron/Sent)
  3. Jas (Mag/Storm/Sent)
  4. Bishop
  5. Cedric
  6. JFord78
  7. Wootsick
  8. KodeeVu
  9. Lil Majin
  10. DGAgamepoint
  11. Souverign
  12. DaRabidDuckie
  13. Chithappens
  14. T-Bone
  15. ShinBlade
  16. Darkwing
  17. ExploitNeo
  18. Lycan
  19. Dax
  20. GDBell
  21. Hiryu
  22. RagingRaven
  23. 10x
  24. YS
  25. Chesley
  26. Squabb
  27. Kyle
  28. Sunstone
  29. Jake the snake
  30. AzurePheonix
  31. Jerome
  32. Nando
  33. FlownMichaels
  34. Booty Warrior
  35. Whitey
  36. NegroJustice


Shout out to Booty Warrior


Full long ass shout outs lol!!!

First and foremost thanks to our heavenly father for giving us the ability and desire to play fighting games in the first place because without him we would be nothing. Many many thanks goes out to my homie Lycan(Orel) for finding the memphis scene a venue were we can hold a tourney and for doing an excellent job running the show.:tup::tup:

Memphis peeps shout-outs!

Squabb-Many thanks goes out to you for going out of your way to ensure as much footage as possible got recorded and thanks for being a cool ass friend.

Eraser-Good shit holding your own with the nashville crew in the 5v5 and showing that Rose needs to be taken serious. ERASE THEM!!!:mad: LOL!!!

10x-You showed up mad late but you managed to make it out and good shit holding it down with ken and showing why you have the best ken in tn!:china:

Cylus-Glad you made it homie and many thanks on the marvel practice and advice,Irony sure is a bitch! I sent you to losers 3-0 and then you beat me in losers finals 3-0? WTF??? lol:mad:

Bishop-Dude i’m so glad you are adapting so well to marvel and keep up the good work homie.:tup:

Duckie-MA,MA,MA,MA,MAXIMUM!!! nuff said lol!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Woot- You ass!!! I’m going to kill you! No marvel for you! :rofl: slacker

The new kid that showed up and hung out with us at steak n shake(sorry i can’t remember your name lol) Great having you kick it with us and hear me,shinblade,lil majin and flymike argue for 2 whole hrs about tekken lol!!!

Lil Majin,Shinblade,Melvin and Flymike-Man it was funny as shit spending 2 hours with you guys last night at steak n shake arguing with mike about tekken and his backwards arguments and contradictions lmao! Mike i’m gonna beat your ass just watch! Also thanks guys for the marvel props I know you guys have always been beasts in the tekken scene and guilty gear but it’s always good to get recognition from fellow gamer friends.:tup:

The rest of the memphis crew many thanks for making it out and help support our scene and showing hunger.

The jackson ms crew- many thanks to you guys for making it out and kicking it with everyone and bringing yo A game with you. Narada homie great seeing u again as always and i look forward to final round :rock: Cedric keep up the good work man your mvc3 skills are solid!

Nashville crew shout outs.

Shawn Mcfucking cool- Glad to finally meet you in person and seeing that dhalsim in action without bullshit lag lol great job in taking ssf4:tup:

Josh(raginraven)-Glad to finally see you in action and seeing why ppl are scared of your rufus lol Be on point at final round cause i’ll be behind you making ppl salty for you lol!!

Pat(Boom cube)-Glad to finally meet you and what can i say? great display of marvel wackiness lol dude i had no answer to that team last night :wow: it really caught me off guard but aside that great job in winning the tourney because when all is set and done the better man won. Just make sure you are even more dangerous come final round so we can hold it down :tup:

Eddie(Mekkanic)-Finally i got to meet you and what can i say other than you are mad chill dude and great job taking woot out lol you earned it man. Thanks for staying out so late to kick it with us even tho you had such a long drive back home.

And finally my brudda from anotha mutha Chris Brown a.k.a. fucking negro justizzz!!!:lol: man great seeing you and glad you had a blast! those poses were epic! can’t wait to kick it with you guys at final round.

And last i had an awesome time despite of my pitiful marvel performance but the shit talk was epic all around! quote Hyryu=ATL AIN’T GOT SHIT ON JAS!!! :rofl:

All in all aside from the saltiness of some ppl and the shit talk all around just know that it’s all love between memphis and nashville (YES HOMO!) and this is all just preparation for us to represent our state together and we are taking final round by storm! atl is not seeing tn! We are coming and we are hungry and let this be a warning for those who think tn ain’t got top players!

Also for anyone i missed my bad but there is just too many names to remember and i’m still tired as shit lol

I’m out this beeatch! peace!



Man oh man yesterday was nothing short of incredible! Let’s get to it:

First of all mad props to Lycan for running the hell out of that tournament. You always keep it movin sir and I’ll continue to support your events for as long as you have them!

Good to see all of my Memphis peeps again, it’s been soo longg - GGs and good times to

-Cylus (do you prefer cylus or Ian?) - Thanks for the Marvel tips man! I think I’ll be learning Ammy now. We need to play online or something sometime. I don’t think we’ve played since that Vanilla SFIV tourney at powerplay where you trade ultra’d me with Sagat like 8 times, lol.

-Abe, Professor Gene, Adrian…list goes on. Apologies if I missed anyone! You guys need to get your asses to Nashville (same goes for you Cylus)!

-JASSSSSSSS - Great to finally meet you man! You are mad cool and sick at Marvel. Seeing the game in action at such a high level between you, Cylus, Bishop, Pat, etc, etc really makes me wanna dig deep into it and get into form before FR! Always a pleasure man. We’ll kick it at FR!

And to my Memphis nigs/peeps i’ve seen relatively recently:

-ShinBlade - Keep the John Legend edge up tight mang. Next time I’ma MM you for your G Shock - HA! GGs mang

-Flight of the Mikey - Much love as always mang. I saw you over there beasting with She Hulk. Don’t try to act like you don’t like this Marville 3 shit. Also Option Select Shadaloo Jacket was too fresh! LOL

-I know Rell don’t check SRK unless Mike giant swings him into his computer chair, but shouts out to you too homey. Your shit talk during the 5v5 had me rollin!

Much love and respect to Memphis’ 5v5 crew too - Aaron we had some nice ass matches. I really enjoy playing you sir.

-Eraser - love watching your Rose man. Had me worried after you got in Shawn like that!

-Tim-o-thee - Good stuff mang. Didn’t get to play you but GGs regardless. TN Bison Wondertwin Powers Activate!



-Shawn & Jacob F. - Nashville is top 3??? That’s what the fuck I’m talkin about! Let’s keep grinding and rep like this at FR! Shawn you were seriously turning me on during the 5v5. It’s why I wasn’t standing up to hype your matches…

-Pee Thugger - You a asshole! Bringin that Wesker horseshit on these poor, unsuspecting Memphricans! Get cake my nigga! Ahhh and you beasty beast closing up the 5v5. I love you

-Josh Kosh B’Gosh - Good stuff with the eternal fatness that is Rufus. You aren’t allowed to complain about characters after that 5v5 showing you lil bastid’

-Eddie “Tron Bonne Two Step” Buford - Good shit beating woot to close out that first set! That was the boost we needed. Also man I appreciate the ride and the hospitality. You know anything you need I got you dogg.

Man if I missed anyone I am sorry but as tired as I am, I’m still amped from yesterday. This is the kind of gameplay and hunger we need to bring to FR. Remember, no Memphis, no Nashvile, only TN. Let’s get this shit!


Shout outs!!!

Where to begin…
In my opinion, this tournament was of the best I have seen in Memphis. Thats all thanks to YOU guys! Thanks to all the fighting games fans that showed up for Memphis Office Battles! Without you, there is no scene, hype, competition, tournaments, MM’s, levelin’ up, grudge matches, rivalries, etc…etc…Again, thanks for the continued support!
I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. There were some very epic matches and upsets! The level of competition is greater than before and people are more hungry than ever to get to the top!
Looks as if nothing got stolen, brackets ran fine, the temperature was ok, casuals were good, etc…etc…any formal complaints, criticisms, or suggstions are welcome. please bring them to my attention as we are growing and tournaments are getting bigger!

First and foremost, I would like to give a special shout out to Squabb, Jas, and Eraser for the Venue prep. Thanks a ton guys! Much love (yes homo) to you fuckers and special thanks to Squabb for recording a shitload of matches.

Thanks to all the Memphis Crew for the help and support. You know who you guys are! We need not let this fire burn out. The turn out to these things gets bigger by the week and it’s awesome. Growing pains will always be there but as a crew we will get through it like always.

Congrats to all the finalist in their respective tournaments.
Shawn McCool…
Your Sim is on point! Keep up that amazing display of SF action.

Lil Majin…
the King of Tekken. Literally. It’s never a dull moment watching that King in action. Keep winning homie!

You fucking rocked:rock: everyone’s shit with Marvel. That was some pretty epic stuff good sir! The “top player” list awaits you!

Thanks for coming out to Memphis! McCool, Mekkanic, NegroJustice, BoomCube, KodeeVu, JFord78, and RagingRavin(Knox…I know)… Thanks a ton for coming out and supporting the west TN scene! you guys are mad chill! Never stop bringing that A game. Congrats to you fucks for beasting us in the 5v5!

Thanks to Crystal and Eddie for making the drives!

Always a pleasure to see you guys!
Cedric… you have great talent! Keep it up.
Kyoji… hopefully, we will see each other at Cinderslam!
Ruthless… Keep at it homie. Your skillz are good too.

Shout outs to…
and all the other guys I have never seen before. Get away from that couch and come out some more!

Special thanks to the Memphis Tekken crew for cheering us on during the 5v5!

GDBell for screaming out in an epic fashion…" You have been DownLoaded, SON!"
And for destroying Hiryu in Mahvel

To Mekkanic for whooping wootsick! Good stuff sir!

To Eraser for erasing Shawn McCool of his possible OCV!

To NegroJustice for coming outfitted in Shadaloo fashion!

JFord for having the crazy Taxi Driver outside!

WOW… this tournament was great. If I missed you, it was not on purpose. There is just too much to name here.

Again, thanks a bunch for all the help and support to everybody at Memphis Office Battles… a.k.a…MOB.
There will be more tournaments to come in the near future so keep the hype coming!

P.S. I have no voice!


maybe I should have drank a little more so I could anti air properly. the tournament could’ve used a bar and more strippers, but I guess on the whole it was alright. wish I could have chilled with everyone after the tourney. oh well, next time.

lycan - lrn2punish. lol, maybe next time warrior…when you’re not having to run 3 tournies simultaneously. good shit, man. you put on a good event.

squabb - epic counter picking strats.

pjan - practice more fool.

cylus - man, you were supposed to ocv them. now we’ll never win a tourney :’(

jas - good shit at getting top 3 in marvel. next time get first, son. :smiley:

eraser - good shit erasing fools. maybe we should learn how to play marvel…also, teach me how to fight sim.

woot - man, we suck. also, why don’t we ever play each other?

josh - stop punching me in the face. also, maybe we’ll 52 cent money match next time, mi amigo.

lil majin - sf4:vanilla sagat :: shit talking:you

chris - stop blocking so well, jerk.

shawn - s.fierce is gay. anyways i wish i could’ve played you more.

jford - same as above

meh-can-ick: your chun is a lot better offline lol. still need to lrn2block ken tho. i like your unorthadox mix ups. keep it up dood.

pat - wake up ex chop. that is some shit right thur.

oh yeah and the other dudes from jackson that came…really good to meet you. you’ll have to show me all the good titty bars over there.:hitit::hitit::hitit::hitit:


This was my first tournament. Everyone was really cool. Great Job. Hope to come out for Wednesday night fights.

Kerwin/Mansa K


See you guys Wednesday.


Good shit to everyone at tourney and appreciate everyone who made it out! Safe to say it was a success and big ups to Orel aka Lycan aka Fiesta Slaw for making hot shit happen yet again. And props to Squab with the vids and everyone who assisted. I would do a full shoutouts like always, but I’m mad exhausted I swear, so needless to say I have to condense it. PLus I know you all prob wish I would just shut the fuck up anyway lol. So until next time, which will be a bit for me. But you guys who had the nerve to stunt in matches better rep strong at FR.

Goddamn can’t believe I spent all that time out there with you dickheads until they almost called the sheriff for real lmao. You know I got love for you bro and even though you my step-son I want you to beast at FR. Imma still keep one hand on my belt for when you act out though lol. Good shit in the MarVILLE with classic MSS.

ROFL at John Legend edge up. “LET HIM SHIIIIIIINEE on”. Yo, we’ll never get to kick it so long as you niggas got SF4 on deck. But I’m determined, next time I hit MidTN we gotta fall into something. Plus, Shadaloo Jacket is down for whatever. I think it’s made out of the same shit as Spawn’s cape. And Rell love SRK. You must’ve never been to Lil Majin’s Romantic Fanfiction thread? But just get up with me bro. And I still need to cop some muziks form ya. Props on 2nd with Dick-Taters. Standing roundhouse is an artform.

Mmm mmm, appreciate the steakburgers homie. Your tears made good seasoning. Muy deliciouso!